Wole Soyinka Lied About Religion Being The Problem Of Nigeria

Mijovia News, December 12th, 2021.

I read the news where Wole Soyinka implied that the problem of Nigeria is religion. I really don't know why Mr Soyinka will continue to lie unnecessarily. Mr Soyinka said that religion don't allow people to reason rational, and I said he lied. Not as if religion is only practiced in Nigeria. We have a Vatican city ruled by the Pope. What of Saudi Arabia? This nation is rooted in religion, yet they are progressing.

After studying the Nigeria problem, Chinua Achebe didn't come out to tell us that Nigeria problem is religion. He said it is a problem of leadership. And that what it is, even though I believe that the problem is rooted more into ignorance. The problem of leadership thrives due to deep ignorance exhibited by the people.

Have you bothered to ask Mr Soyinka if it was religion that made him to support President Mohammadu Buhari in 2015. We all knew that Buhari is not educated. He is a religious fundamentalist whose reign in 1983/84 brought untold hardship to the people. You saw all these things and in your rational mind, you went to Rivers State where an APC governor hosted you with more than 70 million naira, after which you declared Buhari a repentant democrat. Today, you think you can fool us by blaming religion.

Nigeria problem is rooted in ignorance. It is because of ignorance that you can easily fool people around you into believing that the problem is religion. If the people are well exposed to sound education, they will not be used against themselves by the politicians. If they are sound in knowledge, they will rise up to demand good governance.

The pastors and Imans explore ignorance in people and use it to fool the people. Ignorance is the key.

Wole Soyinka is a complete hypocrite who instead of owning up his mistakes, want to heap it on the foot of religion.

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