Why Young Africans Must Change Their Mindset

At times, I take time to write about religion because some people appear too immature to discuss it. Bring out one line about what religion did to us as a people and some people will suggest banning religion and harming those who practice it. And others will call you anti christ for trying to educate them. This is not healthy.

We should always develop the right attitude to understand these things. And use it to develop ourselves and minds.

The way Africa see and take religion is the bane of Africa.

After listening to the latest Video Release of Fenfe Pericoma, I told myself I need to write about this. Africa, especially the young Africans must as a matter of fact change their views concerning religion. Africa must bring in reason and common sense in their religious practices.

Britain brought this Christianity to us. Same Britain supported the Fulani who were not Christians, enthrone them as our leaders and even supported them and gave them weapons to kill more than 3.5 million of our people between 1967 and 70. Within 3 years, Britain using the Fulani people killed millions of our people. Britain is a Christian country that brought Christianity to us. Let that sink.

They gave us the Bible, told us to turn the other chick to receive a second slap, after we must have received the first. We embraced this teaching, became so sentimental to it, all in the name of being pious. Then Britain started slapping us and we continued to turn the other chick. They stole our lands, we gave another. They took our identity, we gave our blood. They kept taking.

We claim to be godly, devout and religious, while those that brought the Bible to us are impious and profane. They never turned any chick when they were slapped. We didn't look to understand that those teaching us all these things have their guns ready to kill us, should we refuse to accept their teachings. Our people that refused their teachings were haunted down and killed. War raged and Genocide committed. For 300 years they made trade out of our people and sold us to highest bidders. Slave trade they called it. Our people were subjected to all sorts of humiliation and inhuman treatments.

Till this very day, Britain have refused us freedom. They caged us in Nigeria and used the Fulani oligarchy as our wardens. Are we going to continue giving the other chick, while they continue taking everything away from us.

They divide us to conquer us. They tell us to embrace a religion they have no respect for. A religion they have bastardized with lots of profane actions. A people that came to demonize polygamy, yet proffered something very unafrican and some of us embraced it to our collective embarrassment.

Listen, civilization is not European culture. The ideal way of marriage is not based on the way the English marry. Marriage to an African is different to an European. Embracing civilization should not be based on African jettisoning his own way of life to embrace that of an European. Civilization should be built on your culture, as to develop it. Not to embrace another's culture and jettison yours. This is exactly where Africa failed it.

We are not going to give out our lands because we want peace to reign. That's not how peace is gotten. We will not listen to leaders who serve and worship the North, simply because we are afraid of our lives.

This is the more reason why we must restore the state of Biafra and go back to how God made us and not how Britain made us. Nigeria is made to benefit Britain and not the people. That's why they will support the Fulani against others. That's why thousands will be dying on weekly basis in Nigeria without an outcry. That's why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped in Kenya and handed over to Nigeria.

Britain has been manipulating us. And the way we reason made it possible. That's why they will continue to use few to kill the majority, in the name of Nigeria government.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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