Why Nigeria Must Be Put To A Permanent Sleep

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Why Nigeria Must Be Put To A Permanent Sleep

Mijovia News Update, 6th August, 2021.

Puma gave Nigeria Embassy in Tokyo free kits for Nigeria athletes. Nigeria Embassy officials in Japan and sports officials refused to give the athletes those bags of kits.

These officials preferred going to the open market to buy kits for the contingents. They needed where they can spend money and perfect their normal corruption. Contracts like construction of roads in Nigeria are done not because they want to construct roads, but because of the looting they will get out of it. This is why you see lots of abandoned projects everywhere in Nigeria.

How do you expect an incoming governor to continue with a project the former governor and his cronies have looted all the money meant for the project? He did rather start his own project and loot his own money. This is how things are done in Nigeria. This is why a particular road after construction, washes away within two years.

There is no how the sports officials for the Olympics will write off more money if they use the kits from Puma. They needed to say they bought kits worth millions of naira for the athletes, while in essence they shared only one jersey each to the athletes. The athletes have to wash their jerseys immediately after each event. Very shameful. And people are not asking why the athletes are failing. You need to be in the right state of mind before you can win a game.

Now Puma has ended its four years contract with Nigeria. This doesn't perturb certain supporters of One Nigeria. They are saying that the athlete that washed his jersey disgraced them. But the officials whose corrupt practices caused hardship and suffering for the athletes are not in any way worrying them.

Do you now understand why I say Nigeria should be be put to a permanent sleep? Corruption has been institutionalised in Nigeria. It just can't be salvaged and can't be rescued. It is people like these Nigeria 2020 Tokyo Olympics officials that will be telling you why you must stick on One Nigeria. They know how much One Nigeria makes for them. They are in charge and steal more than they need.

The way Nigeria contingents got disqualified due to the fraudulent nature of the officials is the way corruption and injustice are killing us under one Nigeria. Stop listening to these people. You don't understand how much these governors steal on daily basis. Tell me how a governor that can steal Billions and nothing will happen won't support One Nigeria. How do you as a 33k earning NYSC member listen to a Senator receiving more than 30 million naira a month tell you about One Nigeria?

We must end Nigeria, for our dignity as a race and the future of our children.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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