Why Is Nigeria Suddenly Interested In Handing Bakassi Over To Cameroon?

Why Is Nigeria Suddenly Interested In Handing Bakassi Over To Cameroon?

Mijovia News Update, 5th August, 2021.

The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, on Wednesday, said all aspects of the boundary disputes between Nigeria and Cameroon that were resolved by the International Court of Justice should be respected.

He noted that the Federal Government was committed to finalising the boundary demarcation between the two countries.

The statement read, “Malami expressed optimism that the steps taken in resolving the outstanding areas of disagreement on the boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria, the boundary will be fully and legally demarcated in no distant time.

“According to the minister, it will be appreciated if all aspects of the disputed areas of boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon are resolved and demarcated in accordance with the judgment of the International Court of Justice without fear or favour."

The question begging for answers is why now? Why did Nigeria suddenly want to obey the international Court? Could it be because of the demand for Biafra freedom by Biafrans?

Recall that during the 30 months Biafra Nigeria civil war, Nigeria used the boundary Biafra shared with Cameroon to wage war against Biafra. It is an agreement between the government of Cameroon and Nigeria that Bakassi should be seceded to Cameroon. An agreement that was totally against the Biafra people.

It seems that Nigeria is strategizing in case of any eventualities. They want to have a cordial relationship with the government of Cameroon. Do no forget the comment of the Nigeria president on twitter that led to #TwitterBan in Nigeria. The Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari has promised to Teach Biafrans a lesson in the language they will understand. He was referring to the killing of more than 3.5 million Biafrans in that genocidal war.

How do Nigeria think it will be possible to hand over a territory that is already under the control of the Ambazonia freedom fighters?

It is better for Nigeria and Cameroon governments to embrace referendum as a more better and peaceful method of settling these problems. Referendum is peace.

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