Mijovia News News, Dec. 15th, 2021. He was an Igbo man who advised Nnamdi Azikiwe against 'one Nigeria'. But Azikiwe was too greedy, short-sighted and selfish to listen. Mazi Mbonu Ojike was born in 1914. He was a native of Arondizuogu, Imo state in BIAFRA land. Ojike was a writer and an activist.

He advanced from a choirmaster, organist, and teacher in an Anglican school to become a student in America and then a cultural and economic nationalist. He was the Second Vice President of NCNC and Deputy Mayor of Lagos in 1951. Ojike was known as the "boycott king" for his slogan, 'boycott the boycottables'. In America, he spent 8 years involved in intellectual pursuit and improving outsiders’ knowledge of Africa speaking from an African perspective. Upon his return, he promoted his brand of Africanisation, a persistent consumption of African forms of cloths, food, dress, religion and dances while also believing in the selective benefits of foreign amenities.

Ojike made common the use of the word Mazi as a substitute for Mr. Among his publications are My Africa and I have Two Countries. Ojike was a sophisticated critic who was passionate about economic nationalism, he was sometimes outspoken which earned him some enmity/enermies. Ojike believed in selective importation and imitation. He wanted Africa to be economically free and politically independent.

He drank palm wine instead of imported gins. He dressed in African clothes. Ojike married two wives and had 5 children. Ojike died on November 29, 1956, aged just 42 at Parklane Hospital Enugu. He was believed to have been poisoned by enemies. He was buried the next day. Dr Maduka C Ogwueleka MRCP(UK)

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