What You Need To Know About The Biafra We Seek

Mijovia News Update, 2021 If you don't fight for something, you won't know the value. If they buy you a gold, you might not care for it, simply because you don't know the worth. Same thing is applicable to freedom. You must fight for freedom, so you can treasure it.

Ndị Igbo have given it all for freedom. Another group of youths that have given it all are Akwaibom youths. These youths were there in 2017 when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house was attacked by Nigeria military. They came down to Nkpor too and some paid the ultimate prize. I also watched some pictures of Akwaibom indigenes that were locked up in Nigeria prison because of Biafra. Because they were IPOB members, they were starved by prison wardens to the extent that they looked exactly like Kwashiorkor patients. It is the prize for Freedom that drives patriotism. Without it you will get freedom and mess it up.

The Biafra we seek will never be like Nigeria. It won't be one federal feeding bottle system of government. Biafra will comprise of nations. A people united in purpose. We shall know our differences and treasure it. There will be no shouts of one Biafra, for Biafra is a coming together of many nations. In this Biafra you will make your laws and in your own language. You will take charge of your resources and control commerce. Your local language can be elevated to become your means of communication. And you can chose to exit Biafra at anytime through a referendum. I am not making this up. I have heard the IPOB leader say them.

This means that no one will build your own part of Biafra for you except you. I used the last sit at home to determine the level of acceptance for our freedom. And I found out that Ijaw as a people are still lagging behind in terms of setting themselves free from this zoo. Some of their youths are still engrossed with politics and listening to politicians that have looted them dry. These politicians lie to them that Igbo is their problem, while they keep looting them. There is every need to teach every Ijaw child to understand that there is no hope for him or her in Nigeria. Judging from the last sit at home, I can tell you that the average Ijaw man is still far from embracing freedom. And this is pathetic. Those of them fooling themselves about Niger Delta Republic of entire South South should wake up already. I even wonder why no one is actually fighting for Niger Delta Republic, no leader, no protest, but once any of them hears Biafra, they will remember Niger Delta Republic. You must understand that Nigeria in other to downsize the Igbo people carved them into what they called South South. I watched these Igbo people from Rivers, Delta to Benue observe last Monday Sit At Home. This will tell you that all Igbo people are united in Biafra. I am not saying you can't have your Niger Delta Republic, you can have it, but you have to stop dreaming of having Ndị Igbo in it. You can't love part of Ndị Igbo and hate some. You can't love Ngozi from Egbema in Rivers State and hate Ngozi from Egbema in Imo State. It is never down. You can't fight this alone. Don't say when Igbo people leave, then you will start your own agitation. They won't let you. You must start now to stand for something. You must stop listening to these wicked and selfish leaders. Lies is what they tell you. Igbo youths had to depart from the their leaders before they saw light. You must do the same. If you need your own Nation, it is more feasible in Biafra. Don't wait to be begged. Don't wait to be consulted, for no one consulted anyone of us. And no one will Bribe you to accept freedom. Thank God MNK said it already that every nation in Biafra will vote differently during referendum. Meaning that those that say they are not Biafrans will have the opportunity to vote themselves out.

Come Monday 16th, we will again observe another referendum and you will agree with me that Igbo people both in South East and South South have decided that it is Biafra or Biafra. Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher And Activist writing for posterity sake.

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