What Exactly Do Otellectuals Want? One Nigeria Or freedom?

Mijovia Opinion, 10th September, 2021.

After reading from these otellectuals and their criticisms of the struggle for the restoration of Biafra, I was forced to ask... What exactly do otellectuals want? One Nigeria or freedom? Some of them will tell you that they are not against Biafra, yet they will spend all their time spewing trash against Biafra Restoration. They thought us fools.

You write against everything, including a sit at home on a day the killer in chief came to check if those he made widows and childless in Imo state are crying enough. You see no reason in protesting against a man that disappeared many young men and killed hundreds of thousands innocent youths.

I have never seen an insensitive set of people like these guys masquerading as intellectuals. The criminals you call governors will be committing atrocities, yet you will say nothing, but you will talk ill against a people that made a choice to sit at home in protest against the murderer of their own brothers, sisters and sons. Maybe, those killed are not your brothers or sisters. You are not even from Imo, so you know that you are safe. I have read from one otellectual arguing that Igbo land is the lowest place with attacks from the fulanii herdsmen terrorists. He said that those fulanii herdsmen terrorists killed in Igbo land are not many. Yet IPOB is making noise about it. I asked him if those killed and raped are his direct brothers and sisters. He knows that he won't be writing that trash had it been the girl raped and cut into pieces in Ihiala were to be his sister. Very insensitive lots. The day any member of their family is touched, you will see them change.

Walking on the road and driving a car in the city of Onitsha is now a dangerous venture. Government sponsored thugs are stationed their beating up people and extorting from them. These youths carry logs of woods on major roads chasing vehicles, yet you see it and keep quiet. You see the Governors pamper Fulanii herdsmen terrorists killing their own people, but go hard on IPOB members, to the extent of tracing and abducting them, yet you say nothing.

You see, one thing I detest about you guys claiming intellectuals is your dumbness. What do you think the trash you all are writing will do? It will do just nothing. I was thinking that as intellectuals, you all would have known the reason why we listen to MNK and also how to stop him. But some how you have been happy since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is in detention. You are thinking that holding MNK will end the struggle. How dumb you all are. Where actually is your intelligence? It is the failure of your leaders that grew this movement. It is your corruption, injustice and slavish tendencies that made the movement strong.

Some how you condone the activities of the evil politicians and go hard on freedom fighters.

Listen dearest otellectuals, this struggle has gone through stages. The days people laugh at those talking about Biafra has gone. In those days, they see them as fools who got no jobs. These guys continued striving. They kept preaching and preaching. Today, they have won the people and they will soon become heroes. They have educated the people and gave them the reason to rise up and demand for freedom. Some of you are saying that the people will revolt against IPOB and I laugh. Who is IPOB and who are the people? Will the people revolt against the people? Have you asked? We are the people and we have resolved to have freedom and nothing more.

If you otellectuals think you can fool us again, then you are joking. We the people are looking forward to the total defeat of all the politicians in Biafra land. The days of preaching has gone. We are moving to another stage which is enforcement of Biafra. And that enforcement is for you otellectuals and so called elites to fall in line or fall out.

We know you otellectuals don't want Biafra. We know your criticism is your indirect campaign for One Nigeria. We are no fools. All your antics will be exposed from time to time.

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