We Never Stopped Being Biafrans In The Eyes Of Our External Oppressors

Mijovia Opinion September 12, 2021.

As a JSS2 student, I was harassed by two Nigeria mobile police men in Urualla, Ideato North in Imo State. I just came back for Mid Term Break from Bonus Pastor Seminary, Osina and decided to take stroll.

As I was walking down that major state road that led to Orlu, this two Mobile Police men hushed me to stop. 'Hee stop there' they said to me. I stopped immediately. I wasn't afraid, but surprised. Looking at me and the complete innocence of my face and heart then, I wouldn't have believed a policeman will stop me in that manner, not to talk of asking me such question.

Looking at their mean faces, one of them asked me this other question. "Are you a Biafran? I quickly answered them with a question. I asked them if we have a country within a country, and the two most foolish being couldn't say a word again. I left them in their bewilderment. Looking back, I did say that we never stopped being Biafrans in the eyes of Nigeria government especially those of them from the core North. We are all Biafran boys and girls.

At times, I wondered what they would have done to me had it been I answered yes. Maybe they would have kidnapped me or something like that. This encounter led me into asking questions about Biafra and the war. History lessons for me became just Biafra and the war. I became too eager to know exactly what transpired during that war. Something has been ignited in me by those that wanted to intimidate me. Something about identity. Something was missing, and a quest to discover that missing part of me was born.

Our history Teacher in School was too afraid to teach about the civil war. I think one took a bold step to teach us something about the civil war in our JSS3. But I wasn't satisfied. I wanted to know every detail and what life was like in those days.

I had to resort to asking my Late Grandmother questions about the war. The experience was terrible. Urualla, unlike Nsukka and many other places didn't experience ọsọ agha, but hardship and hunger wasn't left out in many families. She told me how Nigeria government dropped an unexploded bomb in Orie Akokwa. That very day, she was also in Orie Akokwa. Had it been that bomb exploded, I don't think we will be having this conversation here. She also told me how another of such bomb was dropped in Orie Orlu. Nigeria government didn't fight war, they were on a mission to wipe out Ndị Igbo. Civilian homes became their target, as privileged homes with zinc roofing covered their houses with palm fronts.

Ask yourselves these questions, what exactly were Nigeria fighter jets doing in markets filled with women and children? Why bomb farm lands and churches? Why target hospitals and bomb to shred already sick and wounded people lying in the hospital beds? Why target priests and Rev Sisters teaching catechism and praying for people in the churches? Why bomb refugee camps housing children already down with Kwashiorkor?

Nigeria is a very wicked and devilish country. As a little kid of about 9, I saw Nigeria face to face about to happen to me. This is exactly how Nigeria security operatives are Kidnapping and killing people. When people accused IPOB of burning Trailer carrying Spare parts, I marveled at their deep ignorance of history. A people that bombed market women into pieces can burn spare parts and even markets, just to get at you. Just to frame you up. Police officers that claim to be serving One Nigeria asking a 9 year old if he is a Biafran can do more evil than the devil.

The problem with lots of people is their inability to study history. My journey as a kid started with query into the history that shaped this unfortunate country. I started reading books about the war. I read Maduebo's account, Achebe's account, his problem with Nigeria and lately 'In Biafra Africa Died' and many more like it. There is no true historian that will be in support of One Nigeria. One Nigeria is a country its existence is against the future of its own people. One Nigeria was created not to survive or grow. Those insisting on one Nigeria are the trouble markers and evil men. How can you merge different people into one, force them into one unitary federal government and think things will be better?

It doesn't matter how much you defend the useless one Nigeria. It will soon burst. We are gradually and dangerously moving towards that day. Those trying to avoid that ugly day are those asking and demanding for referendum and safe determination which is their inalienable right. For referendum will help us all avoid war and chaos. But funny enough, it is those against referendum that are calling others troublemakers.

Those that think they are safe in Nigeria should take a look backward and see how Nigeria government opened fire on their own youths waving their own Green White Green flag and singing Nigeria national anthem. They thought IPOB members were killed because they were waving Biafra flags, until more than 100 of them got killed while waving Nigeria flags in Lekki Tollgate during endsars protest. To conceal their death, the security operatives stole their bodies and denied them decent burial. This is how unsafe Nigeria was and is.

Nigeria is not a home. Nigeria was made for the interest of Britain. Are we going to allow ourselves go back into the road of 67-70? Those that won that war should by now understand that the odd is against them right this moment.

Wake up now. Let no one fool you. Elections of any sort will not save Nigeria. Have you imagined a free Oduduwa Republic and United States of Biafra standing side by side? They truly will be the Giant of Africa.

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