Umahi Blackmails IPOB Says People Stayed At Home Out Of Fear

Umahi Blackmails IPOB Says People Stayed At Home Out Of Fear Mijovia News Update, 18 August 2021 Ebonyi State Governor David Umahi has blackmailed IPOB using the same lies about destroying the economy of the South East.

He then threatened civil servants, saying that all civil servant or contractor in Ebonyi State that failed to come to work on Mondays will forfeit his or her position. He called on Nigeria security to do the needful against IPOB.

South East Governors apart from destroying the South East economy, have also allowed Fulanii herdsmen terrorists to kill their own people. They are the same people accusing IPOB of destroying the economy for siting at home on Monday to press for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. South East Governors should be asking themselves why they are in power and people are obeying IPOB.

According to Umahi, “My heart is broken because of efforts by some people to destroy the economy of South-East. I was talking to a ministry that was to come to Ebonyi State, to perform a very wonderful economic function and they met and said Ebonyi State is a danger zone, because of insecurity. And this is the same thing in all South-East states.

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