Traced From Muritala Mohammed Airport And Abducted By Nigeria DSS

Mijovia News, 18th Dec. 2021

A Biafra Activist coming back to Biafra Land through Nigeria Airport has been abducted by suspected Department of security Service (DSS). The sister to the abducted Biafra activist said she was on call with her sister when she was abducted. The activist after she landed in muritala Mohammed airport, she was followed by the Nigeria security to a lonely street and got abducted.

Emeka Gift, shared how the sister contacted him after the abduction.

According to him "I received an inbox message from Ada Nsukka elder sister, and she narrated her last communication with Ada Nsukka and how she was traced from Muritala Mohammed Airport and was abducted by men suspected to be Nigerian DSS. It will be recalled that Idara Gold, Ngozi Dave, Mazi Ifedi and Wife and many more young Igbo ladies and men have been abducted by Nigerian DSS and taken to undisclosed location without any court trial."

Ada Nsukka elder sister's inbox message reads:

"Good evening Mazi Emeka Gift, I am ADA NSUKKA elder sister, she called me some few minutes ago, and told me to record what so ever she's about to say in case I didn't hear from her again. and I asked her why she is sounding that way, but she shouted at me and said I should do what she asked me to do and stop asking her questions, and I brought out my phone and started recording and she said she's been followed by 3 black Jeep all the way from

muritala Mohammed airport. And she told me that she told her driver to divert to another direction but she said they keep following her. And when I told her to tell her driver to enter any nearest street, And the last thing I had from her was when she screamed Jesus and her phone went off and am calling her line and it not going through anymore I don't know what this young woman as done to be in this tearable situation."

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