To Defeat Them, You Need More Illegitimate Governors In The East

Mijovia Opinion, 24th October, 2021

They tell you that whether you vote or not that a governor must be declared in Anambra. Did you tell them you care? Did you tell them that you are sitting at home so that there won't be governor in Anambra State? That is not the reason the people are sitting at home. One thing the people have come to understand is this....that the zoo is irredeemable and those supporting it are pure evil. Funny enough,

it is same those that claim they want a better Nigeria that is telling you a governor must be declared whether we vote or not. Instead of them worrying that a governor will be declared without the people's vote, they are supporting the brutality of One Nigeria, just to threaten you to Jettison your fight against marginalization, injustice, inequality and nepotism called One Nigeria. Let me tell you while you must keep away from every thing called election in Biafra land under One Nigeria. For you to dethrone the Governors in Igbo land, you need to first of all make them illegitimate. Anything not from the people is illegitimate. Your sitting at home on election day will produce an illegitimate governor.

As of now there is an illegitimate governor in Imo state. Governor Hope Uzodimma is a product of Federal government of Nigeria, through the stable of the corrupt Supreme Court of Nigeria. You need more illegitimate governors in the East. By 6th November, the federal government of Nigeria will again gift Anambra an illegitimate governor. They will do that thinking that they are dealing hard with the people, but never knew that it is what the people need in other to sack the politicians. On that election day, they will pay many Nigeria media and flood the internet with old pictures of election so that they can fool the people. They will be posting and saying, even with IPOB sit at home, election is ongoing in Anambra State. A lie they will keep telling. They might give it to APC or APGA, but should they decide to give it to APGA, then know that an agreement must have been reached. Whatever the agreement is, it will surely be against the people and in favor of the fulanii caliphate.

Do not even fear because of their mention of state of emergency and military governor. I bet you that we have been under military rule while they fool you with democracy. All the South Eastern Governors have been and stealing from us. So what exactly will a military administrator do that these governors we call our brothers have not done? Didn't we wake up to see more than 100 bodies of our own brothers in Ezu River? Did we not see them kill our youths in Obigbo and Emene? Did they not send operation python dance 1,2 and 3 and killed hundreds of our youths? Did they not kill our youths in Imo state and dump their bodies in mortuary? Did they not burn down houses in Izombe? What have these people not done? In other to blackmail IPOB? Have they not murdered Chike Akunyili and attacked our traditional rulers? What have they not done?

Never you fear anything. You must dispose your mind on what is to come. It is either freedom or freedom. But you must bear this in mind. We are sitting at home to demand that they release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Unfortunately, their useless election felled within those days. Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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