The life of a Nigerian in a nation where elections do not showcase the will of the people

Mijovia News, September 7th, 2021 If we don't stand up to these leaders, we will one day feast on ourselves before having lots of us destroyed by ourselves. I have never seen desperate selfish leaders like those in Nigeria. With many conscienceless educated people supporting them. Some of these supporters of these politicians are so trickish that they front themselves as defenders of the people but work closely with the politicians. Their source of daily bread is from the politicians. Sophistry is what they use to confuse the masses. All that glitters aren't gold.

At the exact moment they signed Not Too Young to Run bill, they capped their nomination form at 55million. Tell me a youth that can afford such amount. When you keep singing the need for people to vote, have you asked yourself certain questions, questions that will bring you face to face with the sad reality that Nigeria is. Have your vote ever counted? For many years you have been voting, what have you achieved? Why do you insist on doing same thing over and over again? You really believe you will continue to vote until you get it right. How do you get it right with these evil men in power? Why are people so different in Nigeria?

A man narrated how he has spent more than 600,000 Naira for his ill health and nothing good came out of it. It was an Indian doctor who opened a clinic somewhere in Onitsha that diagnosed and cured him. Nigeria doctors have been defrauding him, while waiting for the time he will be dead and buried. They device means to keep rolling out money from sick Nigerians. I heard they are now threatening the Indian doctor. They say his billing is too small. The government contributions to these anomalies is cristal clear. The government have laid a dirty platform for atrocities to be happening in almost all Nigeria establishment. No politician will dare allow himself to be murdered by Nigeria doctors in their slaughter houses masquerading as hospitals. They fly abroad leaving the rest of the people at the mercy of an unequipped hospitals.

At times I wonder why people are not sad and getting sad. Why is it that Nigerians will rather joke with all these things? Why are they excusing their leaders? Don't you know that it's not easy to rule Nigeria? Don't you know that he is paying salaries? Is he not trying? What did others before him do? This is when there is no pipe born water running in the state. They provide everything for themselves. They provide their waters, courtesy of some privileged few with their dug water boreholes and the rest buying from them. Nigerians pay for their security. My neighbors were locked in side the other day simply because they didn't pay security fee. The fire service is not working, yet they still pay people working in the water board and fire service. Thousands of youths are risking Sahara desert, slavery and death only to travel abroad. The life of a Nigerian is hell on earth. There are touts stationed on Nigeria roads by the rich. These rich people then pay some amount everyday to the government. The government will give this contract to these rich people and at intervals send police against them as to keep deceiving the people. I have seen them beat hell out of road users. It has become a normal thing for the poor. They gladly give as to save themselves some mad beating. What of the police and the military? Civil defence nko? I witnessed civil defence team in Onitsha giving two 25litres gallon to Tanker driver to fill fuel for them. The driver climbed up, opened the Tanker and dipped the gallon into the fuel. What if something happens here and this highly inflammable liquid catches fire? I asked myself. People say they detain Tanker Drivers that doesn't have the right papers, while those with papers are made to part with two gallons of fuel. It's a daily routine. Maybe in two weeks these rogues in civil defence uniform will have fuel worth one full Tanker to themselves. That of the military and police remains a daylight robbery. Some military checkpoints now take 1000 Naira from lorry drivers. Legalized thievery.

This long vacation, almost all my students I saw were doing one job or the other. They are struggling to make sure they can make it back to school next term. Even some primary school pupils are selling pure water. My interaction with some eligible voters showed that they are seriously waiting for election to come so that they can collect four thousand or more from party men. The people have been defeated. Hunger is the weapon with which they did it. Newspapers are paid by the government of the day to report what favors the leaders. This is a lucrative moment for media men. APC understands the part media played in making sure they win 2015 election, so they are spending huge on them. The people have been defeated. In a normal society, the anger of the people supposed to have crescendo to the extent they rise up and demand accountability on their leaders.

Have they not killed enough? The war you fear is already upon you yet you say you are avoiding war. How many are dying as a result of government negligence? How many have fallen under the bullet and machetes of the Fulani herdsmen? How many die yearly in the hands of Nigeria military? Hundreds of IPOB members. Hundreds of Shiite Muslims. The war you are avoiding is already here.

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