Mijovia Opinion, Nov. 14th, 2021

The continuous onslaught of innocent civilians in the south eastern region of Nigeria is alarming. Reports from the past months and weeks have shown the carnage, unwarranted and unprovoked attacks, killings and destruction of properties by the Nigeria security operatives specifically the Army, police and DSS meted on the civilian populace in most communities in the south east such as Izombe, Orlu, Njaba, Orsu Ihite-Ukwa, a so on, all in Imo state.

Communities in Enugu and Ebonyi were not left out from this massacre by the Nigeria Armed forces. As they are not satisfied with their plans of terrorising and wiping the unarmed civilians in igbo communities, now they have spread their killing tentacle to Orsumoghu community in Anambra state with their airstrikes, bombardment, gunfire and destruction and burning of unarmed and innocent civilians houses since Friday. One would imagine what the Nigeria army are doing in a civilian communities with such heavy armories in the morning and night committing this atrocities instead of protecting the people against external aggression from terrorists and invaders.

What is the difference between the cruel and gruesome action of the Nigeria Armed forces and the non state terrorist if they can't protect but to kill with impunity unarmed civilians. The global community should be put on notice that Nigeria Army are committing genocide in south east part of Nigeria predominantly occupied by the Igbo tribe. The reasons for this atrocities are not clear, but one can simply say that it's aimed at subjugating and putting the people of the communities and its environs into fear and terrifying conditions in order to clampdown on the quest and agitation for self determination of the people of the Eastern region for an independent nation Biafra via referendum.

The Nigeria government controlled by the Fulani are trying so hard to balkanize the south eastern region of Nigeria and turn it into war and terror zone in order to further justify their wicked military actions in the region. It is funny and worrisome that while the northern states are being ravaged by terrorists and bandits who kills and sack communities in numbers, with little or no military action and resistance but good treatment and negotiation, these soldiers, police and DSS in their thousands are in the peaceful eastern region, to kill, maim and destroy lives and properties in falsehood of searching and fighting terrorism and criminals.

The government have shown through their actions and inactions, that they are the ones sponsoring these attacks and terrorism in the south eastern communities. The global communities should know that the Igbo people and other indigenous ethnicities in the eastern region of Nigeria are only seeking for their independence to separate from Nigeria. This they seek through a United Nations recognize right to self determination through A democratic process Referendum. But constantly, the Nigeria government have used violence and repression against the people expressing and demanding peacefully their right as enshrined in international constitution of which Nigeria is signatory to. The United Nations and the global communities should come to the aid of people of eastern Nigeria and should hold Nigeria government and their military wing accountable for the genocide and the crime against humanity being committed against the people of this region and should not be allowed to benefit from their own crimes.

Written by MAZI UKOJI.

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