The Intention Of Today's Freedom Fighters Is Never To Become Tomorrow's Oppressors

Mijovia News, August 27th, 2021.

The intention of the youths of today who have given it all in pursuit of a better society is never to become the oppressors of tomorrow. They are not in this to end the oppressors of today, to takeover as the new tormentors.

The struggle is to enthrone justice, equality and good governance, something Nigeria cannot give. The youths have seen that these things are not achievable in One Nigeria, hence their quest for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Why is it impossible for Nigeria to get better? Why is it that Restructuring can never happen? A simple dive into the history of Nigeria will answer these questions for you. In fact, I can tell you for sure that the reason One Nigeria has been sustained till this very day is because of lack of history lessons in Nigeria secondary schools. If you are a good history student, you will be wondering why Nigeria is still standing as one, upon all the atrocities happening in her. The reason Mazi Nnamdi Kanu proclaimed that he will destro*y Nigeria with the Truth, is because he realized this simple fact, that what sustains Nigeria is the huge ignorance of the masses. It became worse that even those that claim to be intellectuals and professors are pure illiterates as far as history is concerned. Reason almost all of them are detached from reality.

This is why Fulanii herdsmen will be shooting and killing people in Jos and an intellectual in Owerri will be preaching unity in diversity. Reason the fulanii herdsmen terrorists will storm Military Headquarters in Kaduna, kill soldiers only for the same military to go to Ata in Imo state, killing people without condemnation from the so called intellectuals. This is why Fulanii jihadists army will be stationed in all the bushes in the North, killing people and wiping off villages, and an intellectual in Lagos will be calling them bandits. The school system was bastardized immediately after the civil war. If not for the Church that maintained the teaching of history in their schools, I too would have been an illiterate in history. The much I got from them, I complemented with my own personal research.

Nigeria can never restructure, reason it can never get better. For Nigeria to get better, it needs to restructure. But it can never happen. Those speaking on restructuring are either wasting their time or trying to fool others. The worse thing that can happen to Fulanii agenda is to allow Nigeria to restructure. How can Fulani be able to Islamize Nigeria under a restructured Nigeria? How can they get a grazing reserve or route under a restructured Nigeria? I mean, how can they get your land when you are now in total control of your land through a restructured Nigeria? Have you seen that restructuring, if it truly mean what it meant to mean, is totally against Fulanii agenda? This is why there can never be restructuring.

This is why the youths in IPOB are speaking up. This is why they are resolute and determined in seeking for freedom. They want a society they can be proud of and not a nation the politicians are looting up and down. They don't want a country youths waving its flag and singing their national Anthem will be shot and killed by the nation's soldiers. They are not here to sack today's looters just to take over from where they stopped. This is why anyone in IPOB must stand by the principle of sacrifice. You are not in IPOB to fight for position. The mantra of the master remains that we are whiter than white.

This is why men have given it all including their lives in pursuit of freedom. This is why after two years of imprisonment, MNK is again in prison. This is why many men and women are today in prison suffering just because of our freedom.

Every freedom fighter must understand the principle of sacrifice, for that is the only way we can birth a nation different from One Nigeria.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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