The Dowen College Incident: How The Government Has Failed

Mijovia News, December 12th, 2021

A million tears shed, a billion hearts broken, young lads gone bad, a younger life snuffed, casualty of the time.

The internet has been aflame with the news of the death of 12 years old Sylvester, a boarder at Dowen College who allegedly died from the complications of the maltreatment meted out on him by supposed cultists of the college.

I will not be doing any investigative angles here, it's the work of the police, thank you.

I will say a different opinion, I wouldn't be surprised if 'they' as usual, think this is berating them and come for my head.

Have you taken time to visit the Government Secondary Schools in your area ? You will shed tears at the school that is left in the school.

I traveled to my village in Imo state and checked out Avutu Secondary School and my eyes met with disappointment.

The students were having a field day at parambulating, walking around with so much pleasure with no teacher in sight to check this anomaly.

I paused !

I was there for two hours and it was very much the same routine. It didn't matter what time it was, every second of that day was a holiday, students dressed in most horrible way, the girls with skimpy skirts and shirts opened to the chest, a few brazened ones out at a near joint charging battered phones. Students !

The question that kept crawling through my mind was ; where are the teachers ?

Almost all the classrooms were void of any active teacher. Our government school !

With a little hardwork, I met with a top member of the school PTA a few days later and he wasn't surprised at my report. It was at this point that I was made to understand that what was left of the school was the collective effort of some concerned parents, individuals and we'll meaning old students of the school. Majority of the teachers had left to seek living in anyway they could as their unpaid salaries had accumulated. Teachers came on arrangements to teach and go.

This is the situation of many other government schools across the country. The government has failed the schools, they have failed children, they have failed us !

Why won't parents opt for private schools ? Hence private schools rear up here and there, putting up incredulous fees and charades that make them look serious and enticing. Yet, they do not offer commensurate service.

The other time, this little girl in one Premier School in the West died and condom found in her private part, a boy was brutally sexually assaulted in one Deeper Life school, the list is endless.

The government is complicit to this ugly stories.

If the government schools are so much to talk about, there won't be so many not-all-that-glitters-are-gold private schools rearing up its head here and there. The few private schools will take up the challenge to maintain reputation and be on their toes in their role of holistic formation of the children entrusted to them.

What effort has the government taken to close down private schools with bad reputation ? They wouldn't do such because the very school they run are not any better.

Failed bunch of criminals masquerading as leaders !

Did you know that there more cases of bullying, rape, cultism and other vices in the government school than there is in the private counterparts ?

Do you know that raping of girls in Alvan Ikoku College of Education ( digressing a bit ) has almost become a daily/weekly occurrence ? Who talks about it ? Absolutely nobody, this girls wimp in silence.

Like the Igbos will always say; a man who doesn't know where the rain began to beat him cannot know where he dried his body. Until the government stand up to its duty and make amends, our children will not be safe in any school, be it private or government.

© 12/12/22

Fidelis Chibuike Ugonna Onuoha

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