The Desert Strangers That Became Lords Of The Most Populous Nation In Africa

Mijovia News, 25th August, 2021.

It is a government of the North, by the North and for the North. No, it isn't. If we say it is, then what of the Tiv and Beron people being killed by the same North? What of the Indigenous Igbo people in Benue? Are they not Northerners? How much have they been favoured by this government? I think it is no other government, than the government of the Fu.lani, by the Ful.ani and for the ful.ani. Every other person or persons that aren't enjoying under this government is just an obedient slave. People have learnt what they call survival techniques. You just need to survive. So even if you are meant to betray your people, just do it and get peanuts from the government. Oh yes, with the oil in the South, the peanuts are always huge. This is what Joe Igbokwe discovered and became rich. He needed to speak down on his people and they got to love him for that. Contracts and positions started trickling in.

Yes, the Islamization is real. The journey has been slow but steady. The Fu.lani is a patient man. He believes in something, but it can take years and generations to achieve. The first day Uthman Dan Fodio arrived Hausa land, he already has the intention to take over Ha.usa land. He has to pretend to be a good scholar and a Teacher. They loved him and kings took him in. But at the appointed time. When time was right, he struck. Yes, the same method APC-Buhari used was the same method. Buhari told you all that Jonathan was corrupt. You all rose up against Jonathan and kicked him out. He left, Buhari and his gangs of Jihadists came in and became worse. Currently, the most corrupt government ever had in Nigeria is Buhari's government. That's same thing Uthman Dan Fodio did. He told peasants that their leaders are corrupt. He fooled them with religion and made them rise up against their own leaders. The Hausa peasants rose up and killed their own brothers. When their own leaders were all defeated, Uthman Dan Fodio made only his Ful.ani brothers leaders in land.

Today in the entire Ha.usa land, there is no single leader. All they have are Ful.ani Sultan and Emirs. It took years and years, but the Ful.ani won. They are very patient people.

Today, the fu.lani want more and more. They want the entire Nigeria for themselves. The East, the West and the Middle Belt, they want them all. It took them more than 50 years to perfect their plans. What did they do? They worked on all the leaders of other regions and got them to become their slaves. Yes, all them leaders. For you to become a leader, you must become a Fu.lani slave. If accidentally a non slave sprouts up and becomes a governor, he will be forced to become a slave or be kicked out.

In Rivers state, a non slave rose up. He made many noise and noise. He challenged the Ful.ani and spoke like a warrior from the East. But trust the Fu.lani, they worked on him to the extent that he became the worse of the worse. This man had to buy his slavish position with the blood of his people. Not just ordinary blood, but the blood of youths. Uncountable Igbo youths, both male and female were all taken from Obigbo and killed. Many more are still in prison. He became a loyal slave.

Similar thing happened in Imo state, though with a little twist. A non slave rose to power against the dictates of the fulanii. The people made it possible. Efforts to make him a slave failed. He wasn't showing signs of accepting his slavish position. An opportunity came to be indoctrinated and he refused indoctrination. The members of IPOB matched the streets of Owerri without a single arrest from the Nigeria police, not to talk of gunning down somebody. The last time IPOB women matched around Owerri, Rochas Okorocha, an unapologetic slave of the caliphate got more than 60 of them arrested and kept them in prison for a whooping 6 months. But this one did nothing. That day he stopped being a governor in the minds of the real owners of Nigeria. The court case came and the Supreme Court did the needful. He was cast out and replaced with a confirmed slave and nothing happened. Since then, this particular slave have been his people to please his slave masters.

To conquer the East, the leaders are needed. And these leaders have been perfectly recruited and stationed in the entire East as leaders. There is no Governor in the East that is not a puppet. All of them are proud slaves to the Ful.ani. When I say all, I mean all. From Bayelsa to Delta and from Imo to Enugu, they are all proud and committed slaves.

When everything was set Mazi Nnamdi Kanu happened. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu destroyed everything they planned. The leaders in the East previously have control over the people, but Nnamdi Kanu with his lectures cut that rope they used in tieing the people down. They said that for you to liberate a slave, you have to first liberate his mind. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's lecturers on Radio Biafra liberated lots of minds and destroyed the plans of the fulanii caliphate.

So many people don't know why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu became the worse enemy of the Fulanii. Even when bandits are wiping the North, Kidnapping and killing people. Even when Fulanii herdsmen are terrorising the entire North, West and East. Even when Boko Haram Terrorists are killing and in control of many local government areas in the North, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains their only problem. It wasn't just that they needed and taken the oil, they need your entire land. And Nnamdi Kanu just crippled their chances. Today, the leaders in the East are no more the true leaders of the people, but mere fulanii representatives.

Brethren, the fulanii jihad have been conquered halfway. The near dethronment of Igbo leaders did the magic. They will still try but they will lose woefully. The worse thing they will do now is to start a war. They are weighing their options and have seen that they are loosing their grip on the people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn't just wake the Igbo people, he awoken both the middle belt and the Yoruba. Today a Yoruba can proudly say I want Oduduwa Republic. They would have started a war had it been they are sure of using middle belt and Yoruba like they used them in 1967-70. So they want to do it without starting a war, but it is near impossible.

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Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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