The Agony Of Living In Nigeria As A Christian

By Chukwudi Samuel || Mijovia Opinion, 7th December, 2021

Living in Nigeria as a Christian have become worse than living in Afghanistan. Christians are constantly massacred in Nigeria, especially in the middle Belt and Eastern parts of the country. An atrocities perpetuated by the fulanii herdsmen terrorists. It looks like the government is behind them. Christian communities they attacked have been renamed by them and nothing has been done about it. Nigeria government kept mute as these fulani herdsmen cause havoc.

It is never a crime to be a Christian, but in Nigeria it's worse than a crime.

As a Christian, it's a great and beautiful thing to serve your maker according to your God giving belief and natural acceptance. Going to church is one of the many things that make one a Christian. This shouldn't be traded for anything in the world because it help to guide who you are and who you want to be.

Before I proceed, I will like to state my stand. No man should be forced to worship under any religion. It is against human right for a man to be persecuted for subscribing to any religion of his choice. It is quite unfortunate that the opposite is the case in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are many tribes that made up its components, but I will focus on the major tribes in this very article. Each of these tribes in Nigeria have their own belief system. In the north it is the Hausa and Fulani as predominantly Muslems, and other minorities that are Christians. In the South were majority Christians and the traditionalists.

Like I said earlier, no man should be forced to worship under any religion. To the majority Muslem, they believe in using the instrument of conquest in converting their religion. Churches have been burnt and bombed. Lots of pastors have been beheaded by both Islamic terrorists and some irate Muslim youths. One would ask, are they fighting for their God? Did their own God derive joy in drinking the blood of others as to be worshiped? Is their God actually a God? A God that by his teachings cannot convert believers is not worthy of a God.

What they do to further enhance their plan is to create terrorism and in that guise, they will be killing any non believer of their own faith. They're currently carrying out the same evil plan over other ethnic nationalities they ordinarily should take as their neighbors and a fellow countrymen. They kill, they pillage, they commit all sought of atrocity in the name of "you must convert to my faith"

One incident happened recently, were a fulanii terrorist were sending letters to churches in northern Nigeria. In the letter they were forcing them to convert to Muslim or they will visit and kill them. One would ask were is the present Nigerian government in all this? Well, it seems Nigerian government is part of the big conspiracy to turn Nigeria into a Muslem state, so they provide cover and logistics to these terrorists and also recruit them into the military when caught.

For other tribes after noticing what's is going on within the country, they started to clamour for their own nation were they will be allowed to practice their faith according to their natural acceptance.

I am using this opportunity to raise alarm to Christian leaders, world leaders all over the world to please as a matter urgency work to protect Christians in Nigeria. One of the very many ways to help is the independence of Biafra, were the faith of very many nationalities trapped in Nigeria will be saved and preserved.

Written by Chukwudi Samuel

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