Stella Odua's Defection Into APC And The Politics Of Slavery In South East

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Mijovia News, August 26, 2021.

The defection of Senator Stella Odua from PDP to APC have neutralized once more the preaching of some few Igbo intellectuals about having hope and trust in election.

Nigeria politicians have zero regard for the masses. They don't care how you feel. What they care about is just their interest. South East politicians have been worse. They are all there to please the Fulanii oligarchy, as they believe that only obedience to fulanii can give them relevance in politics.

Unfortunately, these are men and women some people feel will give them good governance. How possible can that be?

The recent defection of Stella Odua into APC should tell every South Easterner that further elections in South East is simply a renewal of slavery. You have no hope on any South East politicians, both those in PDP or APC.

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