Rewriting The Conspiracy Against The Indigenous People By The Invading Army Of Oppression

Mijovia News, 30th, Oct 2021.

I will be quoting some of the lines used by the Nigeria Army in their latest Press Release titled "CONSPIRACY PRETEXT EMPLOYED BY IPOB/ESN, A Hoax". Reading this press release I came face to face with a military that is ready to brand every body they see in South East as unknown Gunmen. The press release also point to the fact that the many violence recorded on every sit at home kind of have the hands of state elements in it.

In this review of this unholy military press release against the Indigenous People Of Biafra, I am going to be quoting some relevant lines used by Brigadier General ONYEMA Nwachukwu in profiling Igbo people.

Let us gently digest the lines.

"Though the NA would not like to elevate such purveyors of disinformation and propaganda, it is expedient to put on record, that in recent times, the activities of IPOB/ESN have undoubtedly assumed a violent dimension." - Nigeria Army.

Nigeria Army using the word 'in recent times' shows that they know that the activities of IPOB is peaceful yet they came with operation python dance 1,2,3 and killed innocent youths. Can Nigeria Army explain why they attacked Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house in 2017 killing more than 28 youths? What provoked these attacks? If you attacked IPOB in the past, what is the difference now? When I read the Nigeria military talk of disinformation and propaganda, I am forced to ask who owns disinformation and propaganda? Is it not the Nigeria government through the Army and police that have been attacking peaceful youths and killing them? What provoked the attack on IPOB youths praying in a community school field in Aba, Abia State? What provoked the killing of IPOB members in Head Bridge Onitsha, Nkpor(Anambra) and Emene (Enugu)? What of the Lekki Tollgate massacre? These are questions Nigeria military should be made to answer, before we can listen to them about propaganda.

" For the records, the proscribed organization has in recent times foisted a sit-at-home order to show sympathy for their self acclaimed leader. This was greeted with violence, orchestrated destruction of public installations and facilities, arson, as well as looting of shops and malls in the region, to demonstrate their criminal potency. They defiled the sanctity of the highly revered traditional institution of Ndigbos by recklessly murdering their own traditional leaders." - Nigeria Army

The above lines from Nigeria military answers some salient questions on the sources of violence during IPOB sit at home and the reason for the violence. Recently, I heard that some hoodlums went to a market in Imo state and looted the markets claiming they are ESN. And now Nigeria military have written to tell us how IPOB are looting shops and malls. What a connection. But since Mazi Nnamdi Kanu created ESN for the defense of Eastern bushes against Fulanii herdsmen terrorists terrorising farmers in the East and raping our women, we have never heard anything about ESN looting shops. We have never even seen ESN operatives in the streets and markets. We have never heard that ESN went to rob a bank. A sane person will ask, why will an armed group go to loot markets, when they can get to a bank? But yet, we have never heard of any such attacks. What is Nigeria Army trying to establish? Was it that some people were sent to attack Igbo markets so that it can be pinned on IPOB?

I strongly think Nigeria Army is compounding issues. I doubt if the Army have truly understand the Igbo people properly. How on earth do Nigeria military think the people will believe this their narrative that ESN or IPOB can possibly head to where Igbo traditional rulers are having their meetings and open fire on them? No Igbo can possibly do that, unless he or she is an agent of the Nigeria state. This propaganda can never sell.

I can assure you that had it been Ozubulu terror attack happened today, Nigeria Army will also narrow it down to IPOB. Igbo people can defend themselves against fulanii terrorists, they can defend themselves like they did in 1967-70, but they can never walk into where their own traditional rulers are having meetings and open fire on them. It is never done. Igbo people have no connection to terrorism. Come to think of it, not even fulanii herdsmen terrorists or notorious Boko Haram Terrorists have opened fire on their own Emirs in the North, and Nigeria Army wants us to believe that peaceful IPOB members opened fire on traditional rulers in the East. Who can believe that? One thing that is sure is that Ndị Igbo are now politically wise. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have educated the people and they are now wiser. Nothing you do that will make this generation of Igbo people turn against their own people. The majority will always stand as a group. This is why IPOB sit at home is recording more than 90% compliance in South East.

" Realising the futility, hollowness and public rejection of their violent agitation, they resorted to twisting the narrative in the region to galvanize local support." - Nigeria Army

Twisting narratives? I don't think stating that no one should be forced to belong to any country in this world is twisting narrative. I don't think documenting the fact that it is Nigeria military that have been killing unarmed IPOB members is twisting narrative. I want to use this opportunity to ask Nigeria military why they are fighting those they call fellow countrymen? Why kill a man for saying he want referendum to determine if his people truly want to remain Nigerians? Did we hear these dirty and ugly stories when Scotland demanded for referendum? Why is it that Africa has refused to grow? Why go to war in 1967-70 to maintain a useless unity, only for you to want to repeat same thing in 2021? Why? I think the one twisting facts here are people that instead of granting a people their request for referendum decided to send killer soldiers after them.

" These criminal elements with their cohorts must come to terms with the reality of the ongoing Exercise GOLDEN DAWN and turn themselves in to security agencies or be ready to face the consequences of their lawlessness."

Exercise or operation Golden Dawn will never solve this problem. Demanding for self determination is never lawlessness. I want you to study in earnest how Americans chased British government out of America. This method is what I see unfolding. Let 1967-70 not fool anybody.

There is no gain in wasting lives and resources in a senseless war of unity, when with a little resource, we can have a referendum and settle this problem once and for all.

Historians will write how Nigeria wanted to defend a fake unity like they did in 1967-70 and failed. I have searched the future and didn't see the name Nigeria in the world map.

Only if Philosophers are kings, or kings tutored in the knowledge of philosophy, we won't be fighting each other for a useless war of unity.

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