Reasons Why Biafrans Must Observe The Monday Ghost Town

Mijovia News Update, 3rd August, 2021.

The below question asked by Ogechukwukamma Abia spurred Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, an Activist to give a well detailed analysis on the reasons why every Biafran must respect the sit at home and stay indoor.

The question

"What is the benefit of shutting down economic activities every Monday? I want to learn how it benefits the cause?" - Ogechukwukamma Abia

Elochukwu's response

Since everything is not fight, I will try to gradually take on the above question. But I can't do this without being frank with the one that asked the question. I strongly feel that he knows the benefits of the Sit at home or do I say Ghost Town on Mondays as stated by IPOB DOS. He instead of calling it sit at home he said it is shutting down economic activities. But is it not actually shutting down economic activities? It is and more. But the reason for this move transcends just shutting down economic activities. And this brings me to his next question and that is.... How will it benefit the struggle. This particular question is funny to me. It is even funnier to get it from those that claim to be intellectuals. As you know, they will like to play on your intelligence and make you feel like they are fighting for you. No they are not, but fighting for their masters. The hardship we are facing will never be as a result of one day sit at home in a week, but because of the countless looting orchestrated by the politicians these people are supporting. Something made possible by One Nigeria. For us to understand why I see these question as funny, I will love to ask more questions. Questions like... How do broadcasting on Radio Biafra benefit the cause. How do writing about Biafra benefit the struggle? How do protesting benefits the cause? How do killing and arresting IPOB members benefit the struggle? How do Nnamdi Kanu's arrest in 2015 benefit the struggle? How do his abduction benefit the struggle. There are many more questions to ask. But I will keep it at this for now. The above questions are valid, but asking it looks stupid and funny for one to ask them. That is because you know truly that all those things have a way of uplifting our struggle. The questions in their different ways have been drawing us closer to the path of freedom. So how will Monday Ghost town benefit the cause? I will try to answer. It is a show of our collective willingness to gain freedom from Nigeria. It will show our determination to be free. Freedom fighting might be at initial stage be left for some people who have the zeal to be free, but there will surely be a time all will be affected. And this is your own little sacrifice for your own freedom. Oh yes, there is no way you can get freedom without you sacrificing something. Lots of people are putting in their talents, some their monies, others are in prison without trial, while a lot more have paid the ultimate prize. And you think it is only these people that will fight and gain you freedom. Why fight the people you are trying to free, some of them have asked. So how is giving a day of a week for your freedom mean fighting you? Is it not your own freedom we are talking about? Under non existent cooooooviiiiid 99, your useless and heartless governors locked you down for almost two months with nothing. They were given money by the international community and they ate it all. The little they bought to share to you people were never shared. It was all packed in a warehouse. Is it not during the endsars that the youths discovered these goods and looted them all? You obeyed your governors. But you won't sacrifice for your own freedom. This struggle has gone through many stages. It has seen a time people saw the few championing the cause as foolish people. It has seen a moment of conscientious sensitization and acceptance. Now is another level. One thing some of you that support politicians must understand is that you all are now in the minority. Those that wants freedom are in the majority. Yes, you still have the police and the military, but those that want freedom are the PEOPLE and no Army can defeat a strong willed people. You know why? Because even these soldiers and armies were drawn from the people. You will see how the military will soon divide and the police desert their duty posts. No one is forcing you not to be outside on that day, but there are certain things I must make you to understand. Nigeria Police have already said it that they are ready for show down on that Monday sit at home. So if you ignore IPOB DOS and come out, we might be seeing you next on television as IPOB or ESN member. And when it happens, you won't blame the Nigeria police who abducted you, but you will blame IPOB. But that's if they let you live. Maybe, they will bring weapons and use it to decorate your dead body, only to brand you a gun man. What is happening in Imo state should teach you a lesson. One thing you must understand is that the state actors are currently carrying out lots of attack on our people. In Okporo in Imo state yesterday, Nigeria military went and burnt down a hotel and shops belonging to our people. These guys are not talking about it. What they talk about is a sit at home that will benefit them and their future generations. There is a tendency that those that will open their shops will be attacked by the state as to use Nigeria media to blame IPOB. That has been their modus operandi. So, why not stay in doors? Is this sit at home enough for what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has sacrificed for us all? We will keep our lives if we stay indoor. But might be killed by police or army should we come out. The choice to live or be harmed is all in our hands. But if you ask me, I did say we observe the Monday Ghost town for our freedom. Finally, I don't expect politicians and their supporters to understand what it mean to sacrifice so much or little for ones own freedom. How can you be talking about sacrifice to people looting you and your generations dry? They can never understand you. Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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