Read What Elochukwu Ohagi Said About Simon Ekpa

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Few of our people have always accused those that come up to correct things atimes of jealousy and fighting over position, this is wrong and we won't keep quiet because of these subtle blackmail from these tiny group.

When people started trending Simon Ekpa as the New Director of Radio Biafra, I was surprised at their ignorance. I asked myself how Broadcasting from Radio Biafra translate to being the Director of Radio Biafra.

Even some PDP charlatans have started trending Ekpa as the New Leader of Radio Biafra. And they have started using propaganda against the young man.

Let me also state it here that like many of us, Simon Ekpa was previously for a better Nigeria. Me too, there was a time I was writing and asking that Nigeria should restructure as the only way to sustain the country. I continued this, until I found out that Nigeria as a country can never get better. At least not with the Islamization and Fulanization agenda of the Fulani. The North sees Restructuring as handing over to the South. So it won't happen. I noticed this and hands up from the ignorance and stupidity called quest for Restructuring. Let me tell you here that those still shouting Restructuring are ignorant.

So, you see, we all didn't wake up one day and started agitating for Biafra. We all have our stories and how Nigeria happened to us. Simon Ekpa was a political commentator before he joined IPOB. Simon was sympathetic to PDP and have written many works for PDP. Mr Ekpa lost interest in Nigeria and everything about Nigeria after the rigging in 2019. Simon couldn't believe it. He noticed, like I did many years ago that Nigeria is unsalvageable. He then launched what he called, changing the narrative of yesterday. This campaign saw Simo Ekpa starting to speak about Biafra. For him, Nigeria is gone and only Biafra can save us.

When Mr Simon Ekpa started this new campaign, he was so real, but some of us have their doubts. So I personally commented on his wall, asking him never to change. I must say that till today, Ekpa have shown more dedication to Biafra restoration than any other thing he has ever embarked on.

I am saying all these for you to understand exactly whom Simon Ekpa was before he joined the struggle. I am saying it because with his current position in IPOB, lots of propaganda will be coming from the desk of PDP members.

I have warned our people to see PDP as same with APC. The two groups doesn't want Nigeria to divide, and can do anything to keep this corrupt center going. They two are your enemies. When you see them bring up videos or write ups Mr Ekpa made as a supporter of PDP some few years ago, please do disregard it. They are just trying to put doubt in you.

Those that don't know should know it now that even our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was once in APGA. He once believed that with APGA, we can take over entire political structure in Biafra land and use it to move for Biafra independence, but he also found out that it can't work in a zoo. That's why he looked at people saying we should join politics, vote and elect those with Biafra mindset as jokers. He has been there and knows it can't work.

I am happy to read the bellow clarification from Mr Simon Ekpa concerning the situation of things. Those questioning every directives of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are not true Comrades. They will keep writing trash, after which they will come to apologise. And I wonder why they are not tired of apology.

Read this words from Mr Ekpa and be guided. Mr Ekpa will be broadcasting through Radio Biafra and not the New Director of Radio Biafra or Leader of IPOB.

Hear Mazi Simon Ekpa...


"Let me rhetorically state that there is no vacuum in the leadership of IPOB, there is no vacuum in the position of director of Radio Biafra.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remain the Director of Radio Biafra and his directive is final as we maintain the command and control.

Our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will continue to lead the struggle from where ever he is, be it in the prison, DSS custody, police detention or from AsoRock detention.

The directive of our leader on the 8th of July 2021 is that I, Simon Ekpa should start broadcasting from Radio Biafra with immediate effect, to maintain the legacy and sustain the momentum of the movement, a task I accepted without hesitation because the situation requires extra ordinary media war to sustain, expose the impunity of the Nigeria State, to expose the genocide and end the enslavement of indigenous people in Nigeria in a different level.

Whoever have issues with this should check him or herself.

The directive of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not just a wish, it is an order.

I am Simon Ekpa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s disciple on Biafra restoration. On this day, 10.7.2021."


Dearest Simon Ekpa, know it that we support you. Also know it that every body must not like you. Someone told me yesterday that those that praised me will hate me, and I said to him they can only do that if I backtrack. So keep keeping on and victory will be ours.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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