Rain Of Money In Igbo Festival - What You Need To Know

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The rain of money in Ala Igbo during festivals and ceremonies, be it burial or Ịgba Nkwụ is a normal thing.

It is not funny or surprising to any one, as far as you grew up in Ala Igbo.

These monies are thrown according to one's social class. And no matter how poor you are, some people will still throw money at you during your own time.

Ndị baanyi si na mmadụ ka eji aba. One man from my place called himself, O ji mmadụ gbu ngwuru ( one that fenced himself with people).

Those that know the history of the Cubana man said he has helped lots of people. In Ala Igbo, if you are an omere Ora, people will take your matter like theirs.

I think that's what played out. Non Igbo people should understand that money rains always in our ceremonies. We don't go to a ceremony, without thinking of what to give. That's our culture. We have the culture of giving.

So when non Igbo people carry what they saw in Oba for head, I say this to them. What you saw happens all the time. Many Ndị Igbo are in different clubs and groups. These groups comes whenever someone is celebrating something, and they rain cash. Many Igbo use it to get back to business after a fall.

You can't understand the Igbo. What you saw doesn't encourage criminality. One that will steal will steal. It tells every Igbo that if he or she washes his or her hands well, he or she will dine with the elders. I will advise you to visit an Igbo wedding. You will see rains of money too, but it will be according to the celebrants level.

Cubana simply received according to his own level.

My only problem with him is the mass Murderer he snapped with.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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