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I once wrote that they will start attacking the people as to blame it on the unknown Gunmen.

When we see through their plans and write it, some demented souls will come to accuse us of what we are not.

Did you see the eye witness video report on the Nigeria Police Terrorist shooting of people in Enugu? It was a pure terror attack carried out by a Nigeria police man.

I told you that the greatest undoing of the Nigeria security is the people's I don't care attitude concerning the plight of the security operatives. They have killed the people more than the people see them as devils and run away from them.

They have no option than to start terrorizing the people all the more. The home to home arrest and the extrajudicial killing being carried out by Nigeria security in Imo State is to make the people blame their plight on the Unknown Gunmen. Nigeria government have been using this particular method year in year out.

Don't forget that they have terrorized many communities before. They have terrorized Odi and Zarki Ibiam, killing everything that moves. They have terrorized Fella and his mother. They are currently terrorizing people in Orlu and Owerri.

Have you forgotten the police man that wrapped himself with bombs and tried to make his way into a school in Ebonyi? He was a Nigeria Police suicide bomber. He succeeded in killing himself. But Nigeria police told us it was his teargas that killed him.

Have we not been vindicated? A Nigeria police man went on killing spree, killing people he is living with and blamed it on Unknown Gunmen. He would have succeeded if not that one survivor he thought he killed, told everyone who the assailant was. If not, many Nigeria news will be telling you how Nigeria police PRO said Unknown Gunmen attacked and killed people in Enugu.

Let me say it again. Ndị Igbo have no mind to inflict terror. Ndị Igbo don't terrorize people. Ndị Igbo can't go to people's window and start shooting at people sleeping and killing them in their sleeps. Neither can they go to a market to open fire on innocent traders. They can't do such a thing.

I therefore say it again, that anytime you hear that an Unknown Gunmen opened fire on people in the market or drinking spot in any place in South South or South East, know it that your government or their neighbour the Fulani herdsmen terrorists carried out the attack. They want you to blame the wrong people.

Be informed as to save lives.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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