Open Letter To Reno Omokiri

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Open letter to Reno Omokri.

By Emeka Tony Chukwu

Meticulously, I read your articles on Ipob leader, Mazi Nnamdi kanu, your outburst on him and the timely condemnation in a time he is being incarcerated by the Nigerian government.

Omokri, I am not surprised because you are a politician and a strong advocate of one Nigeria, although sadly, most ipob members tried to form alliance with PDP e-rats to criticize Buhari with a hope that you guys are fighting for same goal. Ipob fully stands on the independent of Biafra whilst PDP members believes in Nigeria, a mistake from some of them.

Mr Omokri, I want to veraciously state that the article you wrote against the person of Nnamdi kanu was well timed and a way of creating a big discord between the yorubas and the Igbos whom for the recent, have found a common ground in pursuit of their freedom from the Lugard fictitious creation called Nigeria. You systematically justified the actions of Buhari led government by kidnapping him in Kenya.

In your essay, you fully pointed out that kanu's vituperation was against the Yoruba race thereby creating another form of hatred amongst the two great tribes.

Mr. Omokri, let me also bring it to your notice that you've missed a lot in terms of Nnamdi kanu's broadcast. He actually started on the 31st of January 2013 and all the broadcasts are online. You can start from the beginning to get your facts rights.

You made mention of a formal presidential candidate who brought you attention towards a broadcast which you said he insulted the yorubas. I suggest you should go for the full broadcast, listen from the beginning before analysing.

Mr. Omokri, in 2020, IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu was accused of ordering the youths to destroy Lagos State. That was during the #Endsars protest. The part of where he made the statement went viral but some gullible fellow forgot that kanu said " If the government kills you for exercising your rights to protest which is legitimate, you have the right to destroy their properties".

The aforementioned is not new. In America during the Black life matters, many police stations and vehicles were burnt by the protesters. You saw them, the videos are there. Funnily, the American police never engaged the protesters just like the way Nigeria soldiers and police were killing the protesters but received such resistance. How do you explain the killings of youths by the police in Nigeria?

You talked about the media and how Nnamdi kanu was against it. Omokri, I am not sure if you saw what the media did to Trump. I guess you supported Trump? At a point, Donald Trump called CNN, New York times, NBC and even fox news a fake media!. In 2018, Trump in a Media chat refused to take questions from a CNN interviewers and regarded them as fake news peddlers. The video is still on YouTube.

The recent invasion of Sunday Igboho's house and the killings of his aides is a justification that Nnamdi kanu was right when he called Nigeria media a brown envelope.

Between 2015 to 2017, thousands of Innocent Ipob members were murdered by the Nigeria security agents yet the media would regard it as a 'Clash'. At some point, channels television and daily trust took it as a personal war against Ipob members. When we fall, they called it Clash. In you own wisdom, how could unarmed protesters clash with heavily armed soldiers?

Mr. RENO have you forgotten that this same media regarded the killings by Fulani herdsmen as A clash with farmers. It was about several vituperations by Nnamdi kanu against the Media that they accepted the fact it wasn't a clash.

In the case of media, let me remind you that the yorubas controls it than any other tribes in Nigeria. Using " Yoruba" by kanu is a way of giving the tribe the credit!.


I know you are a very religious person. You're a Christian and talks about Christ all the time. Let me remind you that the yorubas controls the church in Nigeria more than other tribes. Infact, the current vice president of Nigeria is a pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of Nigeria. The church itself is owned by a Yoruba man. We have other big churches which the Yoruba pastors controls.

Funny enough, because of their affluence and position in Nigeria, these great Yoruba preachers always have chance on different occasions to meet the president. These great preachers have what it takes to replicate what Desmond Tutu did in asking for a good governance from the government. But why are they silent?

Mr. Omokri, do you know during elections, the candidates always use their church and altar for campaign because of the multitudes following them. Why can't they use that power to advise or persuade same people who campaign in their churches to live up to expectations. Why the silence? How many times have you seen a politician in Europe and America using the church as a campaign ground? Same way Kanu used "YORUBA" on the issue of media is the same way he uses that about the church.

Let me also remind you that Nnamdi kanu had as some point insulted the Igbos for spending their days inside the market whilst their land are being taken over. Yes, I listened to that broadcast too. He insulted the Igbos for allowing fulani to take over their land, rape their woman and kill their men while they're buying and selling inside the market. You need to start from the beginning.

In the issue of the so called ESN commander, I think you're too naive for bringing such issue and it shows your outburst was calculated enough to express your vendetta against him. The so called ESN commander should have told us the very place or shrine where the so called 10 years old virgin was killed? The name of the native doctor? Mind you, the guy in quote was a spy which was another mistake kanu made by offering soldiers an opportunity into ESN.

You have been looking for this day and mind you , you will be the biggest liar for claiming you were not aware of kanu's criticism on the media and the church.

Omokri, in 2019, you made a post reminding IPOB members that apostle Johnson suleman was the first to speak against the arrest of Mazi Nnamdi kanu in 2015. That was the time Ipob members dragged apostle suleman on media over his fake prophecies that God would disgraced Nnamdi kanu locally and internationally which didn't happen because this struggle was an ordained one!.


You are from Delta State and unfortunately you couldn't go back to all the programs Nnamdi kanu had on Fridays where he answer any questions regarding to Biafra and how it would be run.

1. Kanu said he won't rule as a leader when BIAFRA comes

2. He said every tribes in Biafra will make laws themselves in their own language

3. Every tribe in biafra will control it's resources because biafra shall be an egalitarian entity where tribes will compete in developing their own region with what they have.

4 . In BIAFRA, any tribe that wants to stand independent from it shall be granted the date for Referendum within 48 hours.

I guess you never listened when kanu said these but was quick to attack him based on a cut speech without going through the whole broadcast.

My final submission.

The reason for this letter is not to defend Nnamdi kanu but because he is someone I have followed for many years, I have facts towards any false accusations against him. You have also acted like others and I believe most IPOB members do not understand the difference between their goal and what PDP stands for. No PDP member supports the break up of Nigeria rather because of their weak opposition, they rallyround the media prowesses of Ipob to hit hard on Buhari's failed regime.

Omokri do you know Nnamdi kanu criticized Sahara reporters on many occasions. Did it stopped him from campaigning against Sowore's incarceration?.

This recent outburst was just to show your jealousy over the recent world attention Nnamdi kanu has gotten over his kidnap in Kenya.

You are asking what he went to Kenya to do instead of blaming the government for breaking international laws to kidnap him. It shows you are not a good Christian.

I suggest you should have bring this issue when he was around. He is a media friendly. He will debate with you and answer your questions. He did that to Dele Momodu and he understood his missions very well.

Finally, Omokri as you have decided to become jealous over kanu's media and world attentions, I will simply advise you to please come back to Nigeria if you know you're Innocent.

How could an opposition leader like you self exiled yourself when the person you worked for is in Nigeria. Is Jonathan on exile? What are you afraid of? It shows you have skeletons under the cupboard.

If actually you didn't loot any money, come back please.

Sowore is here, FfK is here including others. They've insulted this government more than you but are courageous enough to stay. Are you better than them?

Mr. Omokri in the next 14 days, if you fails to return back to Nigeria, I will now believe you are a criminal who ran away over his criminality.

Nnamdi kanu himself is in Nigeria. Please come back and stop talking Rubbish against a government you can't stand against physically.

You are simply a coward and a rabble rouser!.

I am Emeka Tony Chukwu

Writes from Enugu State

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