Only The Emergence Of Biafra Can Stop Northern Terrorists From Taking Over Africa

Mijovia Opinion, 25th November, 2021

Recently, news broke that many ISIS Terrorists entered Nigeria, through the Northern axis in continuation of the war already in place by Boko Haram Terrorists and Bandits. It is a war of forceful conversion into a particular type of Islam. The road to radical Islam has been there for a very long time, but was electrified by the introduction of Sharia law in the core Northern Region and subsequently, the coming of APC led Mohammadu Buhari Government.

These terrorists have killed thousands of Nigerian Christians. Their aim is to expunge Christians in the North, before heading to other parts of Nigeria and Africa. For ISIS to show their strength, they had to attack Nigeria military base, which resulted in the death of many soldiers including a Brigadier General.

Don't forget that an American non governmental organization recently accused Nigeria government of sponsoring terrorism. This is not a secret and never was it surprising to anyone one living in the geographical location called Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, who is in DSS dungeon have been singing this for a very long time. He has been the person exposing the terror activities of the Nigeria government. That's the reason Nigeria government spent billions in dollars just to have him kidnapped in Kenya, in collaboration with the Kenyan Government.

If you look at it properly, you will understand that these elements in Nigeria government are working hand in glove with the terrorists to establish an Islamic nation. A closer look at the unfolding events in Nigeria, you will see Afghanistan method being implemented in Nigeria. If care is not taken, they will soon conquer the North and head South. That is their plan. Jihadists and Islamic terrorists are always insatiable in their defeat and conquer. Imagine the number of Christians that will be murdered in the South, should these Islamists venture South.

Should the Islamists in Northern Nigeria succeeds in over running the entire Nigeria, force more than 200 million people to convert forcefully to Islam, it will be very disastrous to Africa and the world in general. Nigeria will be the epicenter of terr-orism and will be exporting terror across the world. They will gradually overrun other neighbouring African countries. This will create a huge problem to the world. Huge refugee crisis will be created, leading to economic crisis.

Are the world ready to combat these huge problems when finally created? Where will the world get enough soldiers to confront about 200 million radical Islamists? Is it not time the world look for another means of solving this catastrophic problem created by Nigeria government?

The problem already created in Nigeria cannot be solved by a change of government. Nigeria APC government knew already that their time in government are numbered, so they enriched the terrorists so much through praying of ransoms, so that by the time they are gone, the terrorists they created will be strong enough to overthrow any incoming government. To get more resources, these terrorists had to start Kidnapping Nigerians for ransom. Today, they are well armed and unleashing terror to the people, threatening the South. Instead of the government to tackle them head on, they choose to call them bandits and continued romancing them through the shenanigans of Ahmad Gumi. It won't be long before these Northern Nigeria terrorists take the entire North and head South. Already they have territories they control in the North.

The only way to stop these Northern Nigeria terrorists from taking over entire Nigeria is to create the sovereign state of Biafra. Only Biafra can halt the dangerous match of these heartless and wicked Islamists to the Atlantic.

The world should as a matter of urgency revisit their interest in Nigeria and understand the danger of leaving Nigeria as one country, thereby giving room for terrorists to take over the entire country. With Biafra as a sovereign nation, it will aid the world in their fight against world terrorism.

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