Now That Northern Suya Have Started Killing Easterners

Mijovia News, 27th August, 2021 It was a sad day in Umuahia as 5 family members died after eating the Northern delicacy popularly called Suya. It is very unfortunate that people can now buy Suya with their own money and it becomes their instant death.

The husband, Sunday Ogba had bought the suya which all the family members, including extended family members who came for holidays ate. The family which hails from Item in Bende LGA of the state and lives in Umueze Umuakanu community of Umuahia North LGA were said to have started vomiting after eating the roasted meat delicacy. While the Wife Mrs Jessy Ogba and her daughter who were in critical condition later survived after receiving treatment at Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, the husband and four others did not. It was gathered that among the dead are four siblings of another man, who were aged of 3, 9, 10 and 12.

According to the father of the deceased children, Chibuzor Ikwunze who is from Umuagu Ohuhu in Umuahia North, his neighbour over the years had on that faithful day called and asked him to bring his children over for a visit. He revealed that Sunday have been a longtime family friend who usually invite his children for holiday since he moved out from their vicinity. He said he was shocked that the whole family did not wake up on Wednesday morning except the wife of Sunday and his daughter who were critically ill, only to discover the shocking incident. Also speaking, the brother of Chibuzor, Ken Ikwunze said his brother called him early on Wednesday morning that he had no children again. He said he was shocked because he knew his brother had four children. He said he hurriedly drove down to his brother’s house where he met him crying uncontrollably.

“He was crying and I asked what the problem was. He told me his neighbour who usually called the children over for a visit took the children to his place. They bought suya and fruit juice which the family ate that night but unfortunately, none woke up this morning. “The only person alive is the wife of Sunday and his daughter who are critically ill and unconscious. He called on the police and government to unravel the sudden death of his children and friend. He said he would want an autopsy to be conducted on the bodies of the deceased but cannot afford to finance it.

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