North Will Be An Epicenter Of Sectarian Conflicts Should Biafra Leave - Aliyu Bashir Limanci

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

There's one reason I want Nigeria not to disintegrate. Once the South secedes, the North will be an epicenter of sectarian conflicts. Sunni will

fight the Shiites, Sufis and moderate Muslims. In fact, the religious barons would be more powerful and influential thereby incubating a new generation of hardened terrorists, probably more deadly than Boko Haram. The high profile people in our prisons are religious leaders not bandits who are being enticed with amnesty and incentives. In fact, even if Arewa were entirely Muslims, Sunni and Hausa speaking, this will in no way save the region from collapse. Somalia is a good example, and Oyo Empire according to Farooq Kperogi was engaged in internal schism and internecine conflicts which led to its collapse long before the arrival of colonialists.

I am not anti-North because I have nowhere else to feel at home other than here. But given the fact that we have no serious topics to debate on social media other than sectarian debates, and the level of intolerance is reaching an apogee, even though we have enough problems to bury us, I can all but lament and conclude that we are much closer to self-destruction than ever. No need to blame some people for our problems because the president is from the North, and the most senior service chiefs are almost entirely northerners.

No part of Nigeria will be exempted from further disintegrations because there are minorites in every region and all of them would like to have their own exclusive country to escape alienations.

This is why I still advocate a united and secular Nigeria, free from religious meddling. Let's everybody practice what he believes as long as it's not against the constitution.

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