No Matter How Reno Tells His Lies, He Has A Seat In The Table Of The Oppressors

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

No Matter How Reno Tells His Lies, He Has A Seat In The Table Of The Oppressors

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, 23rd July, 2021.

Men like Reno Omokiri whom were active members of the oppressors club, want you to think that the problem in Nigeria started with Buhari and ended with demonic APC.

We are not ignorant of history as they thought. We don't have short memories. We know the problem... We know that the problem, the looting and the corruption, even the killings didn't start just last 6 years ago. We are no fools.

PDP and APC are same thing. If you need freedom, you can never choose any of the Nigeria political parties. That's because nothing good will ever come from them. Nothing at all.

Forget those that tell you Nigeria will get better. Nigeria will never get better. This is an honest truth. Nigeria will never get better. Is it not those that have been fooling you with promise of restructuring, that couldn't pass ordinary Electronic Transmission of INEC Results in the floor of the house. How do they intend to give you restructuring? Have you asked? Have we not told you for almost 5 years now that restructuring will never happen. The fulanii core North will rather consider absolute division than restructure Nigeria the way you dream it. They can't be in the same country with you and see you have absolute control of your destiny.

The more they fool some of you, the more they delay our freedom. Some of them with too many followers on twitter are telling you how PDP come back will put things back to normal, as if Nigeria normal isn't equivalent to hell. Bro, listen to me. These people are simply making their money. They are paid by any party they campaign for. There is what we call subtle campaign. Here you only need to campaign as if you are trying to save the people while your interest is to enthrone your criminal sponsors. Do not listen to them. They are pure sophists.

We don't need Nigeria to continue. These men, without exception have failed us. Take a look at each and every one of them. Start with those in APC, are they not former PDP members? What of those in PDP? Can't you see APC in them? What made you think taking APC out will help you, when APC told you same thing. That removing PDP will make 1 dollar equal to 1 Naira. How is it today? The problem got worse and worse. Can't we think? Are we going to grow old, die and leave this suffering for our innocent children? We must have to end Nigeria. We have to confront the leaders and their collaborators. We must copy from that man in Austria. We must confront all of them, both their representatives in sports and entertainment. This is a revolution. No youth must represent this terrorist nation. We must stand by it. We must make them feel our anger. They have abducted and killed us enough.

The Pastors, Priests and Bishops supporting one Nigeria must be confronted too. They are evil. They know exactly what they are doing. They want you to continue suffering. Your suffering is their gain. And they want to mislead you, because of your trust in them. The oppressors knew you have soft spot for them pastors, so they went for them and bought them over. If you want freedom, you must confront them. You must not allow the likes of Reno Omokiri to derail you.

Reno wants to sow seeds of discord. Reno wants to destroy the little understanding existing between the Yoruba, Ndị Igbo and the entire South. A unity built by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This man is evil and wicked. Do not let them succeed. No matter how Reno tells his lies, he has a seat in the table of the oppressors.

There is no crime in seeking for self determination. Asking for referendum is not a call for war. Nigeria unity has killed more than 10 million people and that madness got to be put to a permanent end.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist.

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