Nigeria: The Seat Of Power Of Corruption

Mijovia News Update, 11th August, 2021

Why I Am Called A Miscreant

Those that called me a jobless poor fellow are accusing me of insulting them.

Those that called me illiterate for standing against the corrupt politicians they support said I insult them.

Those that called me a miscreant are now turning around to say I am the one spitting insults.

For standing up to demand referendum they now say I have herd mentality. Is herd mentality a sweet loving name?

Did they want me to say Thank you sir, whenever they call me illiterate and a miscreant?

Something is wrong with otellectuals. I have stand on my views without ridiculing the Freedom Vehicle. That doesn't make me a zombie. I have the mind of my own and I have defeated most of them in a debate about One Nigeria and freedom.

Freedom movement will loose if it becomes democratic. Every freedom fighter must know this. It is command and control. When you feel you have been offended, think of the greater gain. Think about freedom and get consolidation from there.

You might not know exactly what you are up against. You are up against the soul and heart of corruption in the entire world. Here is the seat of power of corruption. You don't know the amount of people the corruption in Nigeria feeds. Many Americans and Europeans are not corrupt back home, but deeply corrupt in Nigeria. Biafrans are up against this huge world of corruption. All their agents are fighting you from every angle. They got many of your brothers and friends fighting for them. Many co-operations are deeply involved. Many big establishments in Nigeria are surviving only because of corruption.

Network providers will never want an end to Nigeria. They are raking in Billions. Banks in Nigeria are stealing the masses dry, they can't do without one Nigeria. Huge business men are importing complete fake into the country. The importers from the East import, and custom officials from the North gets their cut. Nigeria made this possible. A single Nigeria police man knows how much he makes on daily basis. Customer officers are millionaires living big and holidaying abroad. Immigration officers steal from the masses everyday. In Nigeria Airports they use dollars to dis-virgin passports. Nigeria is a hall of fame of corruption.

This is what you are up against. This is why as Philosophers, Teachers, Doctors and Professors in IPOB, we are still illiterates and miscreants in their eyes.

This is why I tell you that it is all these corrupt people that are holding Mazi Nnamdi Kanu hostage. This is why you must double what you are doing. Nothing is more important than the safety of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

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