Nigeria: Rich In Oil And Gas, Yet Have The Worse Of Roads

Mijovia Opinion, 8th December, 2021.

Nigeria is a country where rain can fall from heaven and yet not touch the ground. In other words, Nigeria is a place anything can happen.

Many countries of the world can boast of the capabilities of their respective governments to make things work and the efforts they make to better their world, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. A country rich in oil and have enjoyed same recourses for over 60 years, yet have nothing to show for it.

Many Nigerians can't help but to wonder, if they're same humans as others. Many even questioned their existence in the contraption called Nigeria. You may also wonder why I choose to call it a contraption. Those caged in Nigeria are there without them giving consent to it. Nigeria is a crime scene were no institution is working, no agency is active, no department or parastatals ever worked before or now, except agencies used to loot money and steal the country dry.

A supposed country that cannot provide ordinary steady electricity, no pipe borne water, not to talk of good motorable road.

All that has happened and still happening in Nigeria is gradually bringing her close to an expected end. This is because no human can be subjected to what people pass through on daily basis in Nigeria and still survive. The end they say justifies the means. Time will definitely shock many who believe in trampling down and extorting the poor and downtrodden.

Nigeria is a state that many inside her, cannot boast of one high standard road network, the only thing you see everywhere are dilapidated roads.

Nigeria is a death trap.

Nigeria is a destiny killer.

Nigeria is a danger zone to Christians.

Nigeria is a one mighty mess.

The only viable solution to the malady called One Nigeria is the dissolution and total separation of many entities trapped inside. The emergence of Biafra and oduduwa will bring competition, growth and many positive development that will help human lives to improve. But if not done, Nigeria may dissolved in a very violent way that will affect the whole of Africa and world at large.

Written by Chukwudi Samuel

A Mijovia Team member

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