Nigeria Military Repeats Civil War Propaganda To Turn Ndị Igbo Against Themselves

Mijovia News, 31st Oct, 2021 Nigeria military has released a press release accusing IPOB of trying to kidnap the Catholic Bishop of Orlu, Most Reverend Augustine Ukwuoma. According to Nigeria military, they received a distress call from the cathedral about an ongoing attack. No arrest was made by the military, yet they were able to pin it on IPOB.

The Director Army Public Relations officer Brigadier General ONYEMA NWACHUKWU in his statement said the following. "Troops conducting Exercise GOLDEN DAWN Sector 3 have foiled an attempted kidnap and robbery of Most Reverend Augustine Ukwuoma at the Orlu Diocesan Catholic Secretariat, BSC Road, Orlu Imo State. " The troops in response to a distress call at about 2:30am on Sunday 31 October 2021, swiftly moved to the scene forcing the assailants to take to their heels thereby abandoning their mission. The Bishop, his Secretary and Assistant Secretary are safe and unhurt."

"Troops will continue to deny freedom of action to members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra/Eastern Security Network (IPOB/ESN) and other criminal gangs operating within the sector especially as the elections in Anambra State draws nearer and during the yuletide season." "Members of the public are advised to report suspicious movement of criminals as well as hide outs of the outlawed IPOB/ESN to law enforcement agencies as the group is only out to intimidate, steal and kidnap law-abiding citizens for ransom." This is the same old games played by Nigeria government against Biafra in 1967-70. They will wore Biafra uniform to attack coastal Biafrans, only for them to go on rescue mission. They used this method to destroy the trust between the coastal Biafrans and their hinterland brothers. And sadly, it worked for them.

That's the same game they are playing on ndị Igbo. They feigned an attack on the catholic Bishop and then come to the rescue. These lies from the Nigeria government through their security operatives is being propagated to turn the people against each other. Many Ndị Imo are Catholics and won't like anything to happen to the Bishop.

They are exploring the religious angle of our people. The question is, how did Nigeria military know that the attackers where IPOB, even when they claimed they didn't catch the kidnappers? Are you seeing the game? Ndị Igbo must understand that those setting ala Igbo up for destruction are the military. Ndị Igbo must stand against these liars.

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