Nigeria Government In A Desperate Move To Tag IPOB A Terrorist Group || Mijovia News

Nigeria Government In A Desperate Move To Tag IPOB A Terrorist Group || Mijovia News

One of the mistakes of 1967 includes is the fact that Biafrans thought the world care about justice and fairness. They thought the world have conscience. Little do they know that it is all about interest.

It was and still is in the interest of Britain that Nigeria remain one indivisible country. To maintain this, they are ready to commit genocide for it. The future of Britain lies in Nigeria remaining One, so it doesn't matter murdering 3.5 million Biafrans to achieve this.

The first thing Britain did was to unleash a deadly propaganda against Biafra. Due to the massive propaganda led by British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), the world was totally mislead. They saw Biafra as the villain instead of the victim they were.

Biafrans have been killed all over Northern Nigeria and their bodies littered all of over the streets. Millions of unburied bodies of Easterners lay rotten and their skulls used to play football by Northern children. After the pogrom in 1966, Nigeria government went against Aburi agreement to bring war on Biafra.

Britain provided logistics, propaganda and weapons for Nigeria. 51 years after that genocidal war, Eastern youths have risen up to say no to injustice and marginalization by demanding for referendum to determine where exactly they want to belong. This has been meted with attacks by Nigeria government. IPOB members have been killed for simply protesting peacefully. To have a smooth killing of IPOB members, Nigeria government branded IPOB a terrorist group. A tag IPOB have resisted and fought against through the court and media.

The world, unlike in 1967-70 have refused to believe Nigeria government claims against IPOB, due to the sophisticated nature of IPOB media in countering every lies pushed out by Nigeria government, through compromised Nigeria conventional Media. This is the reason Nigeria police and military have resulted to blackmail. They have tried to bomb a school in Ebonyi as to blame it on IPOB. Ahmad Gulak, a Northern politician was assassinated in Imo State and in less than 1 hour after his assassination, Nigeria police without any form of investigation said IPOB killed Ahmed Gulak. Again, in Enugu a Nigeria Police man went on killing spree, murdering his neighbours only to blame it on IPOB. Lots of Northern Groups of late have come out to accuse IPOB of killing Northerners doing their legitimate businesses in the East. An unfounded accusations meant to demonize IPOB as to unleash evil on innocent Biafra youths.

There have been a move to rope IPOB and ESN in the activities of the Unknown Gunmen, even when IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have repeatedly said that ESN was established to protect Biafrans against terrorists, and not to attack anybody.

Once Nigeria government successfully rope IPOB with the activities of the unknown Gunmen, it will give the Nigeria government opportunity to repeat the 1967 genocide against Biafrans. They will have the chance to arrest any Igbo man in the name of IPOB and execute them at will. This is the reason they quickly branded IPOB a terrorists group, but Fulani herdsmen terrorists killing people and sacking villages are not regarded as terrorist group in Nigeria.

This is their game plan. This is why media is very important and vital. It is not just enough to say #ThisIsNot1967. What are you doing to make sure 1967 never Repeat itself? Don't stay doing nothing. The little you can do might help save lots of lives. Start preaching Biafra. Start supporting Biafra propagation. Those in diaspora must endeavor to meet with their respective host governments and tell them in written form the plight of Biafrans and why Biafra needs to be free.

We must not let oppressors brand Biafrans rebels again.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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