Nigeria: Being A Northerner, Super Cop Abba Kyari Can Still Become IG Of Police

Nigeria: Being A Northerner, Super Cop Abba Kyari Can Still Become IG Of Police

By Ede Young, Mijovia News 29th July, 2021

First, it was Danladi Umar of CCB with gaffe of "Biafran boys" to malign. No indictments from authorities that ought to reprimand and punish such calculated ethnic profiling.

Secondly, it was Isa Pantami of can of worms with panderings to world renowned terrorist organizations.

The infamy has been swept under the carpet.

Thirdly one Attorney General goofed big time with an odious comparison of killer herdsmen with "Igbo spare parts dealers in a live television interview. No sanctions, no apologies. He still dictates who to be punished and who to be set free in a country of supposedly law and order.

It came down to the DOT in a circle that must be pursued with vigor an total alacrity with state apparatus at steep price and more, by the chief antagonists of ndi Igbo, the Pro Mass Bandit (PMB) himself. The ignominy was hushed down by the media and they killed the noise and the outbursts it generated but never that of the intense, intent and the attendant actions to the letter and the words of the CinC.

Now in the front burner here again is the "super cop" gate scandal, bribery, and betrayal of ethics of the profession he represents...what are the masses expecting?!

Observers are in for a long thing because as this one is being dissected and discussed, the spin doctors of nigerians' deceiving enterprise are at the finishing point of cooking a diversionary meal to quell this saga into oblivion.

If nothing happend to Ibrahim lamode, nothing will happen to Abba kyari.

If nothing happened to Ibrahim Magu, Abba kyari is already warming up to be promoted to the rank of commissioner of police, leading the road to becoming the inspector General of nigeria police.

No bi nigeria again!? Abeg news hunters, what is the latest scoop jare? Break the news already!

It is year of absurdities in a country that defines infamy!

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