Nigeria; A Failed State Killing Itself To Save Self

Mijovia Opinion 12th December, 2021.

Many have asked me why I always make Nigeria my topic and my answer has always been simple, 'Nigeria is holding back and suffocating many destinies'. Nigeria have ruined lives, made many lives meaningless. Nigeria is not viable for the living.

There are many instances to further explain why Nigeria is in a state of quagmire. Nigeria is a replica of a state killing itself to save self. Growing up in Nigeria, we had this high expectations in life. As Nigerians, we also took solace from this popular saying "the youths are the leaders of tomorrow". A saying that never reflected in the lives of the youths. Those that told us these words 50 years ago are still leaders in their 90s. Things are like that because Nigeria is a contraption that is not viable due to its faulty foundation. Only in Nigeria have I seen different races of people, with different religion and value system being forced to coexist as a country without the people's consent. One could call Nigeria one almighty hellhole where everybody is gasping for air.

In Nigeria, we have dangerous categories that includes the super rich and the super poor. A system that doesn't in anyway permit middle-class people to thrive. A country where nobody cares about human life, human rights, values, beliefs and laws. Money is their only driving force.

Permit me to state this known fact, that Nigeria can never be viable because we have different value system competing to reign supreme over others. And this is seriously causing lack of pursuit of national interest towards the entity called Nigeria.

The only formula to the Nigerian problem is a total "DISSOLUTION OR SEPARATION".

Dissolving Nigeria into a smaller entities along tribal lines is the only viable solution to the many problems beseeching One Nigeria. The signs of a failed state is already obvious in Nigeria. Time to give chance to referendum is now.

Written by Chukwudi Samuel.

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