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A Country That Breeds Injustice Should Not Talk About Peace All through my life, I have been trying my best to stand with the oppressed, the truth and against evil. I have avoided dirty things I know that will give me riches to stand for something that brings pain and discomfort. Nigeria is a very dirty environment. Nigeria is a pure evil. Nigeria kills. Nigeria destroys. Nigeria rewards terrorists, looters and corrupt individuals. There is nothing good that comes from Nigeria. If you look at it very well, you did find out that Nigeria is quick to work against the bearer of truth. They arrest journalists, kill Activists and peaceful protesters. No sane person supports one Nigeria. Forget those of them still masturbating with RESTRUCTURING. Most of them that shout Restructuring are either naive, ignorant or dubious. A political office holder who enjoys the loot and corruption that comes with being a part of the table of politics in Nigeria will continue talking about working together to effect Restructuring. He knows that Restructuring won't come, yet you will see him fool people with it. He just needs to keep singing that song as to keep himself and his friends in power. Power that kills people and randers families poor. The abduction of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a sign that Nigeria wants no peace. What Nigeria want is for you to accept slavish tag and be the slave. That is the type of peace Nigeria wants. Peace of the graveyard. Imagine Nigeria taking pains to abduct Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya, that's same country that sponsor terrorists Fulani herdsmen and do nothing as they kill, rape and massacre communities. How many were killed in Agatu? How many in Enugu and Benue? Have any Fulani herdsmen been arrested? Upon all their killings, did they designate them a terrorist group? Did their own leaders proscribe them? Didn't they rehabilitate and recruit those they called repentant Boko Haram terrorists into the Army? This is the government that went for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and you are happy. You are happy in such a country. Have any Igbo leader questioned the fact that Fulani herdsmen are protected, while IPOB members are killed? Oh yes, I get it. IPOB members insulted the leaders and so they should be killed without anyone questioning. Good leaders. Can you clap for yourselves. For the fact that you proscribed your own people first, proves that you were the ones that sent them to the slaughter. It is on that stage that Nigeria Fulani controlled government stood to tag IPOB a terrorist group. You failed your own people. I am an Activist. I can't keep quiet now. Nigeria gave birth to whatever is happening in Nigeria. I strongly believe that the injustices of the Nigeria state should be challenged. I strongly believe that Nigeria as a country have no business remaining one. Let it be known that the war mongers are those refusing and rejecting REFERENDUM. Britain gave Scotland this referendum and peace reigned. For Britain to leave EU, they also went through same thing. Why can't the same thing happen in Nigeria? Why are you all bent on killing youths as to force One Nigeria on them. Who will win at last? Time will tell. Igbo si na ọ bụghị onye kpọrọ ikpe n'emeri mgbe niile. Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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