Ndi Igbo Don't Need To Bow Down To Any Ethnic Group Or Nigerians To Clinch Presidency

Mijovia Opinion || 8th December, 2021.

'An Igbo man only bows to his chi not a human'; a reply to Chukwuemeka Ezeife (former governor of Anambra State).

The word bowing down means total enslavement, total submission to the few superior authority as against the will of the majority. It is never in the culture of an Igbo man to bow down to any human apart from his chi.

Like many other Igbo efulefus, Chukwuemeka Ezeife is a direct product of one Nigeria and will do everything humanly possible to keep the corrupt entity going even if it means working against the will of his people .

In my closet I keep on asking my self, what exactly is wrong with Igbo Elites? Why can't they see the hand writing on the wall that we don't belong to this backward entity called Nigeria?

Yes we know the master brain behind the amalgamation of Nigeria is that of slave and masters relationship. While one can say in the case of Nigeria that there is a Super Master ( Britain ) who sees to the affairs of their local Master (fulani) who eventually controls every other slaves Including the Igbos. In the eyes of an average Northerner, ndi Igbos are second class citizens, while in the eyes of an average Yoruba Man ,Igbos are to be used as toilet tissue paper for negotiation. And In the eyes of a corrupt Igbo Elites like Ezeife , Igbos are to abide by every substandard rules set up to them by the Ruling Fulani Caliphate, for the fact there is Food in their table anything goes.

The problem with those Igbo one Nigerianist is that they lack COMMON SENSE all the time . If Nigeria were to be one as they claimed why should a particular region bow down to the other fellow Nigerians to have a president from their zone? It simply show that everything is wrong with the Union. A Union built under master and slave relationship, nepotism, ethnic bigotry, religious bias, hatred and envy can never survive the taste of time. The truth here is, Nigeria is A BIG TIME SCAM.

The question to Mr Ezeife and his fellow efulefus is this, Why should the Igbos Kneel to be president in a country that ought to be fellow citizens? Why should the Igbos accept being a second class citizens in a country they co-owned? Why should the Igbo be a happy slave in Nigeria to be accepted? Come to think of it , Igbos are the glue that gluten the entire Nigeria from independence. Igbos are the pioneers of the Face of Freedom in Nigeria. The wealth of the Igbos ( Brain Resources and Oil Resources ) is what Nigeria feeds on till this day. The ingenuity of the Igbos with few from Yoruba are the light Nigeria sees internationally.

Why should the bravest group that formed resistance against the Colonial masters be a subject to the Fulanii ragtag?

What every well meaning Igbo man or Easterner should do right now is to buy in to the Ideology of IPOB led by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Which is TOTAL FREEDOM from the bondage of having slave mentality like Ezeife . IPOB stands for total emancipation of all the ethnic groups entrapped in the Contraption called Nigeria . Let me borrow from the words of the wisest man after Solomon ( Mazi Nnamdi Kanu), give us a day for Referendum let the people decide. Here the people will decide, Not the inconsequential minority sellouts Igbo efulefus which Ezeife is Speaking their minds.

It is in the interest of the entire Igbos to chose were they want to belong.

The Igbos are the only people apart from Israel that have a culture of republicanism inbuilt and not hand writing inform of Constitution. That is why we believe in the adage that says "Igbo enweghi Eze " (meaning the Igbos has no known King) . So how dare he say we will have to bow down to gain presidency. If Nigeria wanted to be a progressive nation, they would have made it mandatory to all citizens to have the spirit of freedom for all.

In conclusion, ndị Igbo don't need anything Nigeria attached to it, because Nigeria is a curse. What ndị Igbo need now is Unconditional Release Of Our Savior #MNK, Non-Negotiable Date of Referendum and the Sovereign State Of Biafra.

Writing By Chimaobi Ezechukwu JP.

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