Missing Since The Last #EndSARS Protest; The Story Of A Gallant Biafran

Missing Since The Last #EndSARS Protest; The Story Of A Gallant Biafran

Mijovia News Update, 3rd August, 2021.

The stories of #EndSARS protest will not be told without mentioning the many courageous Biafrans that gave their lives with it and many others that are currently missing.

Kelechi Godlove is a Biafran with great love for Biafra and her restoration. His interest was on the media and he worked towards using the media to propagate Biafra.

Kelechi is a phone engineer. He came back from the Western city of Lagos to establish his business in Igbo land. He chosed Aba. It was very difficult for him then, but as a hardworking Biafran he scaled through.

During the #EndSARS protest, Kelechi had made a post about the ongoing protest and that was the last thing we heard from him till this very day. Kelechi went to cover the events of the endsars that faithful afternoon and never came back. The earlier conclusion was that he was arrested by Nigeria security agents. But as days go into weeks and weeks into months, it continue to portray one thing; that Kelechi must have been murdered by the trigger happy Nigeria police or military men.

Lots of Biafrans have been killed by the Nigerian government in the past years. It seemed the Biafra war never ended, but now fought codedly without the people knowing. During the endsars protest in Enugu, some Biafrans numbering about 9 were murdered by Nigeria Police and their bodies dumped in the bushes. According to reports, the bodies were discovered following a tip off by a police man who frowned at the atrocities of the Nigeria police. Till this very day, these Biafrans are yet to get justice.

Where is Kelechi Godlove? Can he still be seen? What actually happened on that faithful day in Aba? Many Biafrans have died for committing no offense and their bodies stolen by Nigeria Police and military?

When will all these end? Unfortunately, it won't end until Biafra is restored.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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