Middle Belt; Rising From Willing Tool To A Conquered Territory

Mijovia News, 31 July, 2021.

Middle Belt is a conquered territory. They might rise up in future to fight for their liberation, but the truth is that they are conquered already in mind, body and soul.

It is only few of them that still remember that they have nothing in common with the Fulanii. Many are fighting to establish more relationships with the Fulanii as to be more accepted.

There are many of them in the civil service. They are educated, but are worse than the illiterate ones in the villages and farms. These ones are the tools used by their masters to cripple their own people the more. Any policies brought forward against their people, these guys are always there to sweet talk their people into accepting it, just for personal selfish gains.

The entire system has been hijacked by the Saheleans, to the extent that all of them in the civil service are afraid of being sacked. Have you wondered why no Southern Kaduna man or woman is speaking up? Have you asked about their youths and educated ones? Are they not on social media? Why are they not trending the killings going on in their land? Ask no more. Most of them are praising Gov El Rufai, while their people are butchered into pieces. They will gladly tell you that if they loose their job, what will they use to feed themselves. They think of feeding as jihadists keep taking over their land and killing them off.

These people were used to attack Biafra in the 60s and they died in their numbers. Listen, let me tell you what they normally hide from you all. More Nigeria Soldiers died during the Biafra war than Biafra soldiers. And these Nigeria soldiers were mostly from Middle Belt. Almost all their able bodied men were wiped off in that war.

These people have nothing to do with Fulani. They are totally different.... Have different culture and eat different food yet they are used by the core North. The Saheleans are even more crafty that they even took some Igbo people, and added them to the North. Those Igbo people added to the North should make sure they are never conquered like every other people up there.

Fulanization is real.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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