Media Campaign Of Calumny Against Indigenous Easterners In Nigeria

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Mijovia News, 23 August, 2021

Apart from the extrajudicial killing, abduction and imprisoning of IPOB members by the Nigeria government, the government have also unleashed a deadly media war against IPOB. Lies are now told unnecessarily by mainstream media against the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

One of the ethics of journalism is to always report the truth and not to confuse the masses with unfounded lies, but unfortunately, Nigeria media have eroded on this particular laid down rules.

Nigeria mainstream media have based most of their reports in South East on no other thing than press releases from the Nigeria police.

There are zero investigation and no interview from locals whenever events take place. This simply means that if the police decides to cover up, the entire Nigeria media will report the cover up as news to the people.

The recent story of Miss Glory Okorie is a pointer to this fact. Miss Glory was arrested by Nigeria Police in Owerri and the police have been extorting money from the family, while using the little girl as maid in detention. When many human rights Activists started campaigning against the illegal detention of Miss Glory, Nigeria Police wrote a damaging report against the lady and sent it to Nigeria mainstream media to be published.

They branded the little girl ESN spy. It is certain that they have no evidence against the little girl and will hardly win in a law court. But it has become necessary for them to use Media against the masses.

Apart from the politicians that have ruined Nigeria, the next in line in the ruination of Nigeria happens to be the compromised Nigeria Mainstream media. Their conscience were bought by the government in power. Today, the people have come to understand that no news coming from Nigeria media is the truth. What they report is what the government wants.

That's exactly why the government banned Twitter. To protect the government from being exposed.

Easterners should understand that they can't trust mainstream media in Nigeria as those that control the country have decided to use it against the people. In other sane countries across the world, media have played a significant role in salvaging the country, but not in Nigeria. Here their work is to make sure they aid the politicians in ruining the country because of their love for looted funds.

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