Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; The Real Face Of Freedom

Mijovia Opinion || December 5th, 2021

By Chukwudi Samuel Freedom fighting in Africa has become in many regions and places unsuccessful, due to the influence of the more developed countries, with huge selfish interests on them. Their ability to infiltrate Africans seeking for freedom, bribe them or even derail the leader is hugely instrumental to the failure of things in Africa.

Many have assumed wrongly before taking this road to freedom. Many more even think it's a palatable journey filled with many goodies, while a lot have used it as an avenue to get wealth and quick fame. There are these low lives that embraced the oppressors only to make jest of those that have paid the ultimate prize for their freedom.

But I tell you today, freedom is like a man walking barefooted on a pathway that's full of thorns and obstacles, sometimes you win a particular phase, while you lose in some too. Judging your journey to freedom with your losses is unacceptable and only unserious person expects to win all the time. There are moments of setbacks and so are times of breakthrough. You only need to acquire the spirit of the struggle. A typical face of freedom can well be seen in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is currently undergoing torture in the hands of Nigeria Secret Police (DSS). He is a man cherished by all and sundry, loved because of his dedication to the liberation of his people. When he began, he has lot of enemies, those throwing punches everywhere but he was able to surmount them with truth. He was once heard on Radio Biafra thundering that he will defeat Nigeria with the truth. This he is still doing and recording success.

In 2015, he was arrested and jailed, but he kept faith. He was humiliated beyond what any man can possibly take, but he endured because he knew what freedom is all about. A journey of pain, betrayal and sorrow. After his bailout, his family home was invaded by the Nigeria security operatives, resulting to the killing of 28 men, his cousin sister and even a cherished pet right inside his father's compound. The trauma suffered by his parants after this incident killed them. In all these things, the IPOB leader never relented. Some time in July 2021, he was again kidnapped in Kenya and extra ordinarily rendition to Nigeria, yet he never gave up, nor betrayed his people. In suffering and difficulties he is more stronger and determine than ever because he is a true face of freedom.

So, in a journey to freedom, never relent, never give up or give in, never be emotionally attached and never derail. I leave you with a quote made by a wise man "adopt the behavior of the Afghanis, never say die" Written by Chukwudi Samuel

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