Mazi Nnamdi Kanu And Sunday Igboho Can Be Attacked While Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists And Bandits Walk

It is always easy to brand good people evil and the bad good. To fight for something that is your right have a way of coming back to demonize you. That is the reason those in the helm of affair in Nigeria will continue to ask that we all embrace peace, while in the actual sense, they are the ones against peace and unity.

But the book teaches us to respect the leaders and constituted authorities and those against these people are regarded as trouble markers.

Outsiders living in a sane country, where Democracy and rule of law rules will take the Nigeria Government and their politicians serious, thinking things is exactly as it ought to be. This is exactly what Nigeria government is using presently to bring indigenous people down.

What is happening in Nigeria today is an ethnic war, led by Fulani controlled Nigeria government. With the election of Mohammadu Buhari into power in 2015, the Fulani saw it as an opportunity to restart the aged long Fulanization of Nigeria.

They didn't waste time to reposition themselves at every strategic position, for easy take over of the country.

While these were going on, the naive liberals among Southerners kept singing how it doesn't matter. They said that even if the president found his twin brother worthy of a position, he should give it to him, provided he will perform. They helped in enthroning jihadists into power.

Those that confronted this at the initial time were demonized. I remember the derogatory comments I received from people, for exposing the impending evil against indigenous people.

The Yoruba got into romance with the Fulani. They supported APC and enthroned them. Today, that snake have grown to swallow everyone they see trying to stop them.

Just yesterday, the Fulani led Nigeria security invaded Sunday Igboho’s residence in the Night killing not less than 8 persons. That was the exact same way they Invaded Mazi Nnamdi Kanu father's Palace killing 29 people, all in the bid to have the IPOB leader assassinated. When it happened to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, shortsighted people mocked and supported the killers. What goes around comes around. Today, Igboho is facing it and the Fulani is just starting.

The Fulani oligarchy have already declared war on the South. They only need to bring down strong people first and it will be a smooth walkover for the remnants.

Listen and listen good.

This is not the time to listen to the politicians. They are already compromised. They are tools of Fulanization of the country. The governors, the senators and the naive liberals must all be jettisoned, if we must survive as a people.
Southerners in the military and police must understand that they are being used against their own people.

Come to think of it. Igboho have not kidnapped or killed anyone, but his house was invaded and people brutally murdered. The Fulani herdsmen terrorists have killed, raped countless women and wiped off villages, yet no DSS, SSS, Military or Police have ever confronted them. They have also murdered Army personnel, yet no attack on them. No Fulani herdsman is in prison, yet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is in jail.

Gumi was escorted by the military to the bandits. While the bandits continued to kill and get ransom from people, the Fulani led Nigeria government kept begging and dialoging with them. That's because they are Fulani and must be treated as the owners of the Fulani empire.

I tell you again this day. Do not take anyone supporting one Nigeria as your friend. Supporters of One Nigeria are evil. They are evil because they support evil. Nigeria is evil.

Now is the time for Yoruba and Ndị Igbo to work together and liberate themselves, or stay apart and be conquered forever. The choice is yours.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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