Man Narrates How He Made It Four Years After Leaving Nigeria To Canada

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A man named

Chidi Iwuchukwu has taken to Facebook to celebrate himself and his family, listing man achievements that came his way after leaving Nigeria.

Hear him

Almost four years ago, we landed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to embark on the greatest adventure of our lives.

We came to Edmonton the beautiful capital of Alberta and it was love at first sight.

Our first miracle was that Chief William Nwaribe (who we met for the first time ever at the Edmonton International Airport when he came to pick us on arrival) and his lovely wife, Lolo Josephine Nwaribe opened their home and hearts to us. They have been friends for years with my friend, Rev.Fr. Sabinus (Sagacious) Iwu.

The Nwaribes were the first of many signs God gave us that He will open doors for us no man can shut, as they were more generous with their time, advice, treasures and affections than we could ever dream of.

Their love for us continue to grow every day as we stumbled to find our feet in a new land-from helping us rent a house

with the wife serving as co-applicant since Uchechi and I had no credit history, to becoming defacto grandparents to our children, and being there at our moments of troubles, tragedy and triumph.

We knew that while Edmonton was beautiful, it was not perfect; but we were determined to make it better by our presence.

And we instantly got involved in the community firstly with volunteering as soon as we landed in at the Edmonton's Food Bank, and then to the incredibly rewarding work I do supporting and advocating for people with developmental delays and intellectual disabilities.

We have not only enjoyed the extraordinary landscape of the sunset in Downtown Edmonton, we have seen inner City poverty while serving and supporting those at the margins of our society and overcoming the indescribable winters of Alberta.

Four years later, I can say for sure that we have been touched by tragedy, exhilarating by challenge and strengthened by achievements.

I have been Client Service Representative volunteer at Edmonton Food Bank.

Home Deliverer volunteer for Society of Saint Vincent the Paul in the Catholic Church.

Master Composter Recycler volunteer for the City of Edmonton.

Member of the Knight of Columbus of the Catholic Church.

Enumerator for the Alberta Elections.

Enumerator for the City of Edmonton Census.

Director of Humanitarian Services for the Igbo Cultural Association of Edmonton.

Chairman of the Parents Teachers Association for the Igbo Language School in Edmonton.

Chair, Edmonton Igbo Language School.

Registered member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta.

Registered member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I ran as Co-chair, Parent Teachers Association (PTA) of Good Shepherd Elementary School.

I have graduated with a Certificate in Disability Studies with distinction(3.96/4.0)

I have been promoted Team Lead in a brand new industry after 2 years of starting new. Thanks to Chinekwu Ibeabuchi-Chichyno whose guidance has been spot on. Lewe Anya, I cannot thank you enough for the gift of this amazing brother.

Uche also graduated with first class from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Bachelor's of Technology Management.

Chimdi, Tobenna, Chigozirim have taken to basketball like crazy playing in their age group clubs for North West Edmonton.

Tobenna has won gold in club basketball; and gold and silver in school volleyball.

The three cubs are maintaining top of the class grades in their schools.

I have won my first election in Canada as a member of the Board of Governors, Edgemont Community League.

As we look back with grateful hearts, we are thankful for friends who have become family, for charity so generously given, and for faith that abides.

We are filled with gratitude as we are more than persuaded that God has the power to do exactly as He has promised.

And that the promise we seek for in a new land, we will find in a land of new promise.

I'm on Instagram as @chidiiwuchukwu.





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