Lawyer Single Handedly Defeated FirstBank & EcoBank Both In High And Appeal Court

Mijovia News, 5th December, 2021 Mr Ananukwa Augustine Chinedu Esq, the managing partner of AIRBORNE ATTORNEYS LAW FIRM, ABUJA has just recorded success in a lawsuit against First Bank and Eco Bank. Barrister Ananukwa first took the duo to court over illegal deduction of his account through ATM card transactions. All his move and appeal for the two banks to reverse the money failed on deaf ears. He then took them to court. The bank that failed to reverse a paltry 10,000 naira will be paying the sum of N1,210,000 (One Million, Two Hundred & Ten Thousand Naira)

Recall that many Nigerians have been suffering the same thing in the hands of Nigeria banks. Many have forfeited their monies due to intimidation from the bank. Mr Ananukwa have shown the people that they can pursue such case in the law court and win. The young lawyer from Urualla, Ideato North in Imo state took to his Facebook wall to write the following. - AIRBORNE ATTORNEY WINS AGAIN! - GAVE YET ANOTHER UNDEFENDED BLOW BY KNOCK OUT TO FIRST BANK & ECO BANK. - DEFEATS THEM A 2ND TIME ON APPEAL, SHAMES THEIR SENIOR ADVOCATE OF BABALAKIN & CO.

Today, the 2ND DAY OF DECEMBER, 2021, A High Court Sitting on Appeal in Gudu, Abuja, filed by FirstBank & EcoBank dismissed in Totality both Appeals filed by the respective Banks for lacking in merit AND therefore affirmed the Judgment of the Lower Court (Magistrate Court) in its entirety with the Judgment sum of N1,210,000 (One Million, Two Hundred & Ten Thousand Naira) THE STORY IN BRIEF In the case of: ANANUKWA CHINEDU AUGUSTINE VS. FIRSTBANK NIG. PLC & ECOBANK NIG. PLC In Suit No. CV/14/2018, with Appeal Nos. CVA/506/2020 & CVA/504/2020 (Consolidated) The plaintiff sued the 1st & 2nd Defendants for unreversed N10,000 ATM transaction in Dec.2017, having used his Firstbank ATM card on the ATM machine of Ecobank, before the Magistrate Court sitting in Court 18, Wuse, Zone 2, Abuja. Trial commenced in 2018 and at the end of the trial, the Court agreed with the case of the plaintiff and judgment was therefore given in his favour, on 30th March, 2020, wherein the Court awarded a total sum of N1,210,000 (As both refund of the 10,000, N1M in damages & N200,000 cost of Suit)

Against that judgment, both defendants went on Appeal to the High Court, and hired a Senior Advocate of Nigeria of Babalakin & Co. The Appeal Court, today, 2/12/2021, trashed out the Appeal of both Appellants in its totality for LACKING IN MERIT as ALL issues were resolved in favour of the Respondent - Ananukwa (who represented himself ALL through the Trial till Appeal.) APPEAL DISMISSED! JUDGMENT OF THE LOWER COURT UPHELD IN ITS ENTIRETY. - BOTH APPELLANTS TO PAY THE JUDGMENT SUM OF N1,210,000. • While I thank God immensely for the wisdom & direction to have pushed through, I wish to dedicate this 2nd victory to ALL my FANS & Supporters and to the common people of Nigeria who have been victims of certain failed bank transactions. •NEVER give up on Your Rights. ~ A.C. Ananukwa, Esq, is the Managing Partner of AIRBORNE ATTORNEYS LAW FIRM, ABUJA. ~kindly share to inspire one another ~

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