Keep Buying NASCO, We Are Not Terrorism Sponsors - NASCO Cries Out

Mijovia News, 6th October, 2021

The Management of NASCO Group Nigeria says it has noted the ‘defamatory and slanderous’ contents of an online article currently being circulated in certain sections of the media about its business and alleged involvement in terrorism financing.

In a Press release on Tuesday, the company stated its objection to the allegations, denying the rumour.

It states, “We state categorically that we have never and will never be sponsor any criminal act, organisation, or violence of any kind that will disrupt the peace and tranquillity of the Nigerian state or any country in the world.”

The company said that, after the “unfortunate events of 2001,” thousands of people and entities around the world were subjected to investigations.

“A detailed examination by the United Nations Security Council and the US Government totally exonerated NASCO’s late founder. Dr. Ahmed Nasreddin, and his business interests of all allegations.

“It was clearly established that NASCO was never at any time associated with the sponsorship of terrorism — directly or indirectly — anywhere in the world;” adding that “a similar investigation was done by the National Intelligence Agency of Nigeria, where it also came to the same conclusion, thereby exonerating our late founder and NASCO Group of any act or complicity in the sponsorship of terrorism in Nigeria or any other country.”

It said that at no time were the assets of NASCO Group and/or any of its associated business interest ever seized or their accounts frozen due to any of the stated investigations.

“NASCO can also categorically affirm that it has never been associated with nor had business dealings with any of the persons mentioned in the false report.

“NASCO Group is one of the leading companies in Nigeria, with an acknowledged legacy of working towards the economic growth and development of the nation, while positively impacting the lives of millions of people. Since 1963, the company had been committed to best practices in the manufacturing of quality products of international standards.”

Asserting its corporate integrity, NASCO said, “We therefore firmly reject this false report, which was done in a clearly orchestrated manner with malicious intent aimed at causing commercial damage to our successful brands.”

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