Is Nigeria Becoming A Failed Nation As Puma Terminates Four Years Contract With Nigeria

German sportswear manufacturing company PUMA has terminated its four-year contract with the Athletics Federation of Nigeria.

The termination came as a result of Nigeria’s athletes’ inability to wear the brand at the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Puma has said.

According to Puma, several efforts were made by them to give the athletes the PUMA kits, including shipping bags of kits with 40 items each to Tokyo through the Nigerian Embassy in Japan but to no avail.

PUMA terminated the contract in a letter dated Wednesday, August 4, 2021, and signed by the company’s director Manuel Edlheimb.

Nigeria government refused to give athletes puma kits when the athletes are lacking kits. A Nigerian Athlete took to Instagram to lament that he was given only one jersey for his entire Olympic outing. These things have presented Nigeria in bad light.

Nigeria has been getting lots of negative news recently. Ranging from terrorism to human rights abuses coming from the government forces against the civilians. Protesters have been killed in Nigeria including youths waving Nigeria flags in the last endsars protest. Finland also was reported to have stopped accepting Nigeria international passport as an official document due to fraudulent activities.

There has been many separatists movement going on in Nigeria. Both Biafra and Oduduwa Republic are demanding for referendum. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has boasted that he will destroy the country with TRUTH. And has also said on Radio Biafra that by the time he is done with Nigeria, Somalia will be better than Nigeria. He jokingly asked people to acquire Somalia visa now.

With what is happening, do you think Nigeria is becoming a failed country?

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