IPOB Cancellation Of One Week Sit At Home Stopped APC From Taking Over Anambra State

Mijovia News, 8th November, 2021

The IPOB cancellation of their earlier stated one week sit at home declaration put APC off and casted them into disarray. APC controlled by federal government of Nigeria have been bringing in foreigners into the state close to the election day. No one could say for sure what APC will be using the thousand of people they brought into Anambra State to do, but some said they will be used as voters, while others said they are to cause problems as to blame it on IPOB.

Bringing in these people became the only plan APC had in taking over Anambra State and as well commit terror and pin it on peaceful IPOB.

Who would have known or believed that IPOB will call off the sit at home? This master stroke from IPOB leadership destroyed the plans of APC and rendered them useless. It gave them no chance to get a non extent plan b.

APC led by the Federal government of Nigeria lost on two fronts. Not only that they lost the election, they also failed in committing terror against Biafrans and pinning it on IPOB.

IPOB has once again shown that they are truly in charge of the entire East and can determine what happens in entire Biafra land.

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