Inside The Pandora Box - The End Of One Nigeria

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Inside The Pandora Box - The End Of One Nigeria

Mijovia News Update

The story can never be told without recourse to the past. I mean the insecurity of today started with the killing of helpless citizens in the past.

The people in power had no regard for the people. They not only stole from and denied them infrastructural development, they also killed them with reckless abandon.

When some of us that warned about the chaotic nature of today speak, some elements that urged the useless politicians on will accuse us of supporting what is happening.

But we are not cowed. We are also telling them today that it will get worse. Very worse. It doesn't matter if we are arrested or harmed for saying it, it must surely take place unless the needful is done. But greedy men and jihadists hardly do the needful. What is happening today did not start today. It didn't just start happening. It started a very long time ago, with people crying out their souls individually. Victims of government sponsored ethnic cleansing. They were many individual angry souls looking for a rallying point. They wanted a leader that can't betray them. Many came up and the politicians bought all of them over. The angry souls kept loitering and searching for that unwavering leader. The politicians never knew that a man will one day rise. A man that will say to hell with their billions.

Like I said, all that is happening today started a very long time ago. And the barbarism you are seeing will get worse. Blood will flow and lots of people will die. Yes, I blame the politicians. I blame every single man and woman that have led this nation. I blame the socio cultural groups. I blame the leaders of police and military. I blame every single soldier and police. I blame those supporting these animalistic politicians. You all contributed to what is happening today.

Yes, I said it and I am saying enough of the blackmails. You can't blackmail me into silence with your dirty and dubious accusations. You can't accuse me of supporting chaos because I warned you of the chaos of today. I told you about the people's up rising. I told you about them people going after the security men. I told you about police men deserting their duty posts to retire back to the village. Didn't I tell you about the imminent division in the military. I also said that the people will go after today's politicians and many more of them will be heading to exile.

Let me make it more clearer. A day will come when you will hear that South East Governors are no more in the South East. Some will be in Abuja claiming to be ruling the state. Senators will desert their constituencies into exile. In fact that day is at hand.

You all have pushed the people. And what you told them is that protest is stupidity. That diplomacy is nonsense. That only violence is the key. And the people have decided to be violent for the second time. For those that have their trust in Nigeria military and police, you should know that your trust is on a house with a foundation made of sandy soil. The military you see is already divided, only waiting for the pronouncement. There are lots of anger in the military. The injustice is much. Before you know it, you will see this military divide into regions.

For those that think America or Britain will save Nigeria should think again. Any powerful nation that will want to save Nigeria from dividing will be needing others to fight against one region, like Yoruba and Middle Belt ignorantly did in 1967-70. They fought their fellow Southerner and Britain helped to give Fulani the victory. Today the same fulani herdsmen are killing the Yoruba and slaughtering the people of the Middle belt. So I tell you this. Britain and America are not coming to help you. They are coming to try to peacefully divide Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu said he will destroy this country only with the truth and most of you laughed. You ignorant fellows claiming intellectuals couldn't understand the simple language. The man studied Nigeria and noticed that the war of 67-70 that kept Nigeria one was fought in ignorance. Then he came to educate the people and remove the scale of ignorance covering the eyes of the people. To do this he opened the greatest University of History and politics ever heard of in Africa. The university of Radio Biafra. There he educated the common man. He reached out to the middle belt and the West. He opened our eyes that the WHITE MAN can't fool us against using our compromised selfish leaders.

Do you think Britain and America will come shooting when Biafra, Middle Belt and Oduduwa stands down in defense of their territory? If you think so, then you are mad. No one will save one Nigeria. Only fools and ignorant fools will fight to save one Nigeria Unfortunately for One Nigeria, both the Yoruba, Middle Belt and and Biafrans are wiser now. Their eyes are now clear to see the greediness of those that want to wipe them out and take their lands.

And let me tell the Eastern leaders this message. Do whatever you can to make sure nothing happens to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. That's the only way to reduce what is to come. That Nigeria will divide is certain, but the evil harming Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will bring will be told for many generations to come.

The people have suffered. The people have died through many accidental discharges and their killers rewarded. Many great men and women have been rubbished by One Nigeria. What you see are angry men and women. All of them might not be Igboho boys or ESN, but they are all in support of ESN and Igboho boys. Let me also tell you this. Many soldiers and your policemen worship Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. They cry everyday on how protesters are killed and Fulani herdsmen terrorists carrying AK47 are pampered.

It is these angry people that are out to say enough is enough. You blame them, you blackmail them, when in essence you know it all didn't start today. You know it started with your politicians as the aggressors.

The way out? Give middle Belt, Oduduwa and Biafrans the right to referendum. Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho. The hundred years marriage has brought nothing but pains. Let us all go our separate ways.

I rest my case.

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