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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Ibom/Ijaw Republic On Focus

Someone confronted me on twitter and accused me of not being what he called a refined writer. He made a swift and quick comparison, saying that I am harsh in my presentation of things.

The truth is that I have never claimed to be a refined writer or whatever is your definition of refine. I truly don't know how to sugar coat it and can't pet things that needs sandpaper. But one thing I don't do is to compare myself with anyone. It is not in my DNA.

Whenever you start allowing everything people say about you to influence you, you start loosing yourself. We say what we say the way we see them. I have been confronted and ridiculed for saying something unpopular, but within time, those that insulted me came to agree with me. It has happened more than many.

The issue of Ibom Republic and Ijaw Republic and the subsequent Republics that will follow them are all fraud. This is not a matter of allow them, they have right to their own freedom. Yes, I agree, you have right, and so do I. I have right to decode and expose your conspiracy against your own people.

Britain and the caliphate are about using some willing tools among us to do some dirty jobs. Jobs that will backfire, expose and shame them all the more.

Asari Dokubo's Ijaw Nation came just two days after a certain man was said to have declared his Ibom nation and made a case in United Nations. When I saw this news, I immediately read the handwriting and saw Nigeria boldly written on it. I knew immediately that there is every possibility that we might be hearing of Anioma Republic, Ikwere Republic, Onitsha Republic and many more in the coming weeks and months.

What do you think they are out to achieve? Definitely, not freedom. Do you remember that Nigeria government have once told the UN that they should not let Nigeria disintegrate, unless they have resources to accommodate more than 200 million refugees? Do you remember MNK saying that Nigeria government officials are going about lying to the international community how more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria will be asking for secession should they allow Biafra to have their way?

The Ibom and Ijaw Republic is to show evidence of these claims. Nigeria government have lost it, reason they are now using blackmail to see if they can stop Biafra.

Are you not worried that Asari Dokubo whom in few months back told us how he has become the President of Biafra Governing council. How come he now jettisoned everything to seek for Ijaw Nation? What explanation did he give you as his reason for jettisioning his post as president of Biafra governing Council? What of the Niger(rịa) Delta Republic? How come he suddenly made such pronouncement that tend to make nonsense of Niger Delta Republic? Or did he notice that we are about exposing the the slave name called Niger Delta?

When people sells out, they will continue to make noise, provided they have people to fool.

Do you know why Ralph Uwazuruike is not causing the type of confusions Asari is causing over there in Coastal Biafra? The answer is simple. Nnamdi Kanu's message have penetrated almost all part of Igbo land. People are no more living in ignorance. This is even affecting South East Governors. The people don't listen to them again. The otelectuals that give them support are now few, unlike in the South South where people still worship criminals masquerading as Governors. That's a place Wike can wake up and say one trash and people will rush out to defend him.

Ignorance is the reason people are still taking Asari Dokubo serious.

What is the achievement of Asari Dokubo with his militancy? How did it impact on the lives of the people? Did it address the problems it claimed to have come to confront? Answering these questions sincerely will tell you what you need to know. Asari Dokubo's struggle favored just himself and few others. He is now super rich. He constantly brag about his riches in his numerous videos . He owns a big University in another country faraway from his people.

Tell me, who will actually take serious a freedom fighter who accepted a contract to become a pipeline guard, guiding oil pipelines taking Oil from his backyard to a strange land. Asari Dokubo is good to take guide pipeline, while a Fulani without oil is good to own oil wells, be incharg of NNPC and head the Army. If Asari is in South East, he will not have a single atom of respect.

Ibom Republic and Ijaw Republic will not go anywhere. You won't see them match the streets, confront the enemy and die for what they believe in. This development is a ploy made by the government to distract people as to loose interest in Biafra. One thing IPOB have achieved is their effort to educate and unite the people of old Eastern Region. This is what Ibom Republic and Ijaw Republic have come to destroy.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that Ijaw can be a nation of its own, and so is Akwa Ibom. So don't think I am against such. But it is totally difficult for people of Akwa Ibom state to get freedom from Nigeria. If you read what Asari Dokubo wrote, you will notice he is not serious. The clause in his write up sold him out real big as cash in master he is. He said that should Nigeria address the problems Ijaw people are facing, he will stop the move for Ijaw Republic. What did that tell you?

Asari was a leader of a militant group for many years. He went to prison and out, yet Nigeria didn't bulge. People are still poor, and their lands impoverished. The polluted environment is still there untouched. Oil companies still have their headquarters in Lagos and Abuja. The Fulani oligarchy are not ready to restructure neither are they ready for anything called National Conference, yet someone is telling them how he will stop if they do something about the problem of Ijaw people. How is Ogoni and the promised Clean up?

What happend to getting Biafra and walking away with your own Ijaw Nation if you wish? Don't you think it is easy that way? Didn't Biafra say we all will have 100% control of our individual resources? Have our parliament and make our laws with our individual local languages? What are you looking for, that you can't get in Biafra? Why is it that Asari is talking of destroying Nnamdi Kanu's empire than confronting the real enemies that have for more than half a century subjected us to torture and terrorism?

The truth is that Asari Dokubo is an agent of One Nigeria. He has benefited so well that he can't let go.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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