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How Can There Be Peace In A Country Without Justice?

Is it not surprising to you that Fulani herdsmen that have killed not less than 10 thousand people in the last 5 years, have no single person in prison answering for these murderous crimes?

Are you not surprised that Miyetti Allah, a body in charge of Fulani herdsmen terrorists, a group that have countlessly taken responsibility for every attack carried out by Fulani herdsmen has never been confronted by Police, Army or Navy?

We have woken up to see more than three hundred people lying dead. They were killed by Fulani herdsmen. This happened in Agatu. Also in Enugu, Fulani herdsmen terrorists have killed many people. In Uli, they raped a young Igbo girl, after which they decapitated her body and scattered her body around her farmland.

Fulani herdsmen terrorists have also attacked police men and Army, killing many of them. Upon all these attacks, Nigeria government is still debating on how to take people's lands to settle Fulani herdsmen.

Recently, in many Northern states Fulani herdsmen terrorists have been branded bandits. And these bandits are going about kidnapping people for ransom and attacking and killing villagers. There are no Army or Police going after these Fulani herdsmen bandits. Rather they are begging and paying them huge sum of money.

The governors in the North have not disowned the Fulani herdsmen and Bandits. In fact, recently in an interview, Gov El Rufai defended these bandits because they were Fulani like him. He said what they are doing can be seen as business. Stating that bandits are not demanding that Nigeria should end. For them, demanding for referendum is a crime, while kidnapping, raping and extorting money from citizens isn't a crime.

Do you now understand the type of country you are in? Are you in all honesty happy over what is going on?

IPOB peaceful protesters have been killed in their hundreds. They have been tagged terrorists for demanding for referendum, in a country where Fulani herdsmen that have killed more than 70 thousand people within the last 20 years are not terrorists.

Tell me how one can be in Nigeria and remain sane.

There can't be peace in a country without justice. How can you protect terrorists and declare freedom fighters terrorists and still want every one to be shouting one Nigeria. Where is it done?

Why is the North afraid of division? What exactly are they fighting for? What exactly? Instead of staying together and slaughter ourselves, is it not better we stay apart and save our lives.

Referendum is the road to peace. Support it.


Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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