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How Britain Manipulated Our Ancestors, And Still Manipulating Us Till This Day

Have you asked yourselves, or thought of how forefathers of the present British people killed, raped and used our ancestors, only for their children to be repeating the same thing to Africans today?

Have you asked this question?

The truth is that slavery and colonial era is not yet over. Slavery and colonization of the mind is still on.

Africa is rich, yet Africans are living in abject poverty.

How is this possible?

Manipulation... They are manipulating you. Lots of people in governance in Africa are British(white) agents. They manipulate people into supporting them. They project coup and murder real and true African leaders.

There is absolutely no hope for Nigeria. A progressive Nigeria will spell doom for Britain and Britain won't allow it. Those that should drive this nation are those they hate.

Do you know that Nigeria was moving towards a right direction under Goodluck Jonathan, irrespective of his shortcomings? This is what Britain and other white nations never wanted. So they ganged up against him and removed him. They lied that he is extremely corrupt, and then sponsored a jihadist to take over Nigeria. Gullible people believed their lies and helped them execute their evil plans.

They needed someone that will cripple the success recorded during Goodluck Jonathan's administration. And Mohammadu Buhari, a Fulani has completely done more than they asked of him. Today, 1 dollar is equivalent to 500 Naira. Poverty has become everyone's neighbour.

The more Nigeria is ruled by Fulani oligarchy, the more Britain gains. Britain is the reason Fulani always have their ways. They are the ones manipulating everything. This is why Fulani don't want progress, neither do they want division. They are ready to kill for a useless One Nigeria.

I want you to understand that many Igbo, Yoruba and Ijaw politicians and elder statemen, are all British agents. They use them to keep subduing their own people. Most of these politicians claim to have the interest of their people at heart, but tacitly works for Britain. Britain makes sure these people gets into positions that gives them and their loved ones much money. Selfish men betraying their own. They make money in their country and go to another man's country to enjoy it.

Some big Pastors and Bishops are also agents of Britain. Britain knows the importance of religion to an African. That's why they used it to subdue Africa and still using it till this very day. An African suspends their entire reasoning once Religion is involved. That's why pastors and priests will say any nonsense, claiming it came from God, and gullible people will believe it.

Tell me why a Bishop will open his mouth to say that East and West will suffer more if they leave Nigeria, upon all the hunger and killings going on in Nigeria. What suffering is worse than the ones people are facing in Nigeria? More than 1 million people have been killed by Boko Haram alone since they started their campaign. Another 500 thousand people have been killed by Fulani herdsmen in 5 years. Bandits are having a field day, killing and kidnapping people for ransom. Inflation is high. Millions of youths are jobless and what the government does is to loot the common treasury. This is what your Bishop ignores to be talking trash. They are agents of one Nigeria.

Africans must start using their brain and reason properly, if they must take absolute control of their destiny. They must start thinking for themselves, rather than allow some selfish pastors, Bishops and politicians to think for them.

Britain knows that with Biafra, Africans will start thinking for themselves. That's why they are against her emergence.

Biafrans must do everything necessary to restore Biafra.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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